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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by the_Skywise, Oct 28, 2020.

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    I use the iHeartRadio app and have a free account setup and activated on my tivo. Sometime in the last 2 months stations in my favorites stopped playing. I tried logging out, restarting the tivo, etc; same issue. Pressing play would just showing the loading "hourglass" and nothing would play nor could I get back to the app without exiting it outright. They played fine on my iPhone and other devices but not on the TiVo. After fiddling a bit I figured it was something with the URI for the station and ended up just using my AppleTV for radio streaming (but it's a minor annoyance because I have to swap receiver settings/input settings, find the appletv remote, etc;)

    Yesterday on a lark I tried searching for a new station on the app on the TiVo and it fired right up. Well, ok - this station works at least - so I relogged in and added it to my favorites.

    Today, went to the app, went to favorites, played the station and... hourglass forever.

    Restarted the app and searched again and hit play and it started right up.
    Tried searching for the other stations in my favorites that wouldn't play and they started right up.

    So if I SEARCH for the station - it plays fine. If I go to My Stations and try to play the exact same stations - the app will just try to load the station forever!

    Anyone else seen this? Am I the only one using the app? Any chance IHeartRadio will fix it? :D
    (and I'm on TE3)

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