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    IGNORE - didn't know this was in the Roamio forum, needlessly duplicate post


    Great deal on a Tivo Roamio base model.

    Best Buy offers the Roamio for $199 with a $50 gift card. They are also offering a $15 gift card for any purchase over $100.

    BUT WAIT - they will price match Amazon @ $149, and they will still give you the $65 in Gift Cards, for a net price <$100.

    (And you can then buy a second one, and use the gift cards from the first one to help pay for it, get another price match and another $65 set of gift cards).

    I made this happen twice in the last two days in Austin, Texas...
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    Are those who haven't bought a Roamio yet more likely to be reading in the Roamio forum or this one?

    Maybe this is the right place instead.

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