if i use some tool to save my shows, when i restore them will i lose closed captions ?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by zangetsu, Sep 11, 2020.

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    i need closed captioning as my hearing is not as sharp as it was.

    if i use something like Tivo Desktop or one of the other tools out there that back up tivo shows, can i restore the shows and still have the closed captions or will i lose that ?

    also, what tool do you like best for saving tivo shows ?

    i know of tivo desktop (of which i paid for the plus version back when they still sold it)

    i know of pyTIVO and KMTTG (not used them yet though)

    i have heard of DVRbars but not used it yet.
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    The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you can only transfer shows back from PC to TiVo if your TiVo is running the old UI. (aka TE3) If you have an Edge or have upgraded your Roamio or Bolt to the new UI (aka TE4 or Hydra) then your only option will be to stream the shows from PC to TiVo using Plex. I'm not 100% sure how well the Plex app supports captions.

    If you are using the old UI and can transfer from PC to TiVo then the captions should work fine.

    I personally recommend you try pyTivo Desktop, but I might be a bit bias. :)
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    Plex has good support for captions if you go that route. If you pull the shows off your tivo with kmttg and extract the captions, adhere to plex file naming conventions, and keep the .srt file in the same directory as the video file, you should get excellent results. Plex also supports external captions imported from opensubtitles. I have better luck with synchronization of captions with my local .srt files than the external ones.
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    As with most things in life, the answer is "it depends".

    If you use TiVo Desktop to copy the programs, closed captions are retained in the file and will be there when you bring them back. (The downloaded version of TD has an expired certificate. This needs to be updated for it to work at all. Someone already pointed out that TE3 is also required to send them back to your TiVo.)

    If you use KMTTG, captions might be removed, depending upon how you process the downloaded file, but the *.tivo files at least retain the closed captions. If you process the files with Handbrake (for example) to reduce the size, there are options that can be used to either retain the closed captions in the file or extract them to a side file, but by default they are removed.

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