I will NEVER get rid of my Tivo

Discussion in 'TiVo Series 1 - UK' started by katman, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. katman

    katman New Member

    Jun 4, 2002
    East Anglia


    Sat down tonight to watch the tonights recording of "House" on SKY+ to be confronted with the word "CLASHED" in the planner. :(

    Now, I could understand that if I had been recording a couple of other programs but no, nothing else was being recorded at the time.

    Thankfully I still have Tivo set to record it as well and the only time that has let me down was on one episode of House when it failed because the kids had got two series links recording on Tivo's SKY+ box.

    What annoys me even more is all the SKY HD ads that have to be endured all through House, wonder if it would have failed if I had a SKY+ HD box.

    If it werent for the fact that the channels I watch most are only on SKY (no cable here) I would happily tell Murdoch where to shove his boxes. :(

  2. a_tivo_noob

    a_tivo_noob Member

    Jan 1, 2004
    we're between a rock and a hardplace at the moment...

    1) when we do record via. sky+ (usually when there is a schedule clash and we need the dual tuner functionality for sky+ to record one of them so tivo can record the other), the Sky+ usually ends up being a 'failed' recording (it gives no reason, just can't play it)

    2) sometimes our tivo box freezes (I believe it is cachecard related issue - not sure how exactly!), but i can't take it out as the place we relocated tivo to, means it can't dial-in via. any other means than network

    fortunately, the tivo freezing is occasional (ie. it's been up for 20days now no probs), but sometimes it can be 2 or 3 days and that can be a right pain :(

    sky+ remains untrusted :(

    i am twitching to see how good HD is on our setup though, and suspect there will soon be a point where the interface and functionality of SD Tivo wont' be enough to 'retain' me :(
  3. cwaring

    cwaring VM Tivo User

    Feb 11, 2002
    My Tivo will have to die beyond all resurrection before I move to the V+; and I have a spare in the loft ;)
  4. tonywalk

    tonywalk New Member

    Sep 10, 2002
    Funny you should say that. Prior to the recent big HD box update, the recording of stuff was a bit hit and miss. Since, I've recorded a reasonable bit in HD and can't recall a failure. A lot of this is while one of my Tivos is recording a standard def copy of the prog just in case. I learnt the lesson the hard way as after I got my first Tivo, I added a Sky+ (SD) box as my second recording device and had many program failures. Luckily DSG Group started flogging off their remaining Tivos for £99 so I added a second Tivo and left Sky+ for dire emergencies only.

    Yeh, if it wasn't for the footie and cricket I'd've gone long since.

    Tivo is the dogs dangly bits !!!!
  5. healeydave

    healeydave from tivoland.com

    Jun 4, 2003


    I have a Sky HD box but it is only being used as TiVo's ***** (receiver wise) as a basic sky channel receptacle :)

    The Plus features are not even enabled which I think is best to avoid any programming accidents, not that they are likely as the sky remote spends most of the year in the cupboard, especially as most messages can be cleared with a channel change via TiVo.

    In fact, if it wasn't for the kids channels, I think I could survive on freeview for general adult tv viewing (when I say adult, I mean grown up tv, not the smutty stuff :)!
  6. cwaring

    cwaring VM Tivo User

    Feb 11, 2002
    Indeed. You have the internet for that. Erm.... apparently :eek: ;):p

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