I thought I had 2-year commitment, but why does DTV acct online say "no commitment"

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by Leila, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Leila

    Leila New Member

    Apr 28, 2006


    I thought I had 2-year commitment... in fact, that's what I was told
    when I activated a couple of new HR10s earlier this year. (both were
    originally listed as leased, but changed to owned after I called DTV)

    While making changes to my programming on DTV's website last night,
    I noticed the following under my account:

    "Subscription Services - No Annual Commitment $0.00 / _offer"

    Does this mean that my account has no commitment? :confused: I didn't want
    to call DTV and ask, since they might discover the "error" and correct it. :D
  2. jediphish

    jediphish New Member

    Oct 13, 2006
    I think that just means that the changes you made did not add any time to your currently-existing committment. I had a similar entry on my account, but a rep told me verbally during another conversation that I had a 2 year committment.
  3. AstroDad

    AstroDad Like Death & Taxes

    Jan 21, 2003
    is there a place on their site you can see when your commitment expires?
  4. super dave

    super dave Friend Of The Court

    Oct 1, 2002
    Maple Shade, NJ
    It was always on my bill, why not call and find out. If you disagree with it argue the point and maybe they will shorten it.
  5. Leila

    Leila New Member

    Apr 28, 2006


    I decide to call DTV and find out exactly what my status is. Since I've activated
    several new DVRs(SD and HD) earlier this year, I'm almost sure about the 2-year
    comittment on my acct. By the way, I've been a DTV customer nonstop since 1998.

    Anyway, I spoke to two different DTV rep. The first one said that my acct doesn't
    have any comittment. I called again later. The second rep said the same thing
    and then asked why I was asking about it... She probably thought I was calling
    to cancel DirecTV, so she transferred me to the retention dept.... :eek: The
    guy at the retention dept seemed confused about why I got transfered to him,
    but also confirmed that my acct didn't have any comittment....

    what's going on here? I could swear I read somewhere that activating a new
    HD DVR(Tivo or otherwise) automatically means 2 extra years of comittment?
    Let alone several HD & SD DVRs.... Or is this no longer the case? :confused:
  6. RedSunshine

    RedSunshine New Member

    May 7, 2002
    Are you leasing the equip or do you own it? If you paid for it and own it outright, then there is no reason to have a 2-year commitment on your account. If you had DTV send you new receiver for free to add to your account, then they will add the 2-year commitment.
  7. hiker

    hiker S.o.N.Y.D.a.C.

    Nov 29, 2001
    SF Bay Area...
    AFAIK, the standard procedure for activating a new DVR with a new access card whether it be leased or owned is the 2 year commitment. Apparently the CSR that activated yours forgot to setup the commitment. You are lucky if to plan to cancel.
  8. kanderna

    kanderna New Member

    Nov 25, 2003
    Yep. I've had this happen to me before. I knew I had a commitment, but called to see when it ended and was told that I had no commitment. While looking at my account the CSR said, "...and that's strange because you activated a new receiver last year. You should've been setup on a new commitment for that. Guess you got lucky." Not sure if that last part means they can't go back and correct it or what.

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