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    1) Customize the font columns and rows on the guide. Allow two-and-a-half to three hours of viewing by putting double-spacing on the rows, if necessary and or reducing the number of rows. If necessary. Allow the user to choose the format he or she wants
    2) Add weekly, daily, and Monday through Friday (& Tues-Sat) options to Onepasses. We shouldn't have to go into the manual recording option to do this. That option does not even appear on the Guide screen.
    3)Just as you put Wishlists in a user-generated named folder, do the same for Onepasses and single recordings, sharing the folders for Wishlists, Onepasses and single recordings.
    4) Allow us to start a new Wishlist on the Wishlist screen via the B button, in addition to just displaying & editing Wishlists there. (You can keep them on the Search menu, too.)
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