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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by dougtv, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. dougtv

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    May 20, 2015


    I love pytivo Desktop* and I plan on donating in the next month or next quarter when I get a bonus because it completely changed my home/livingroom/office movie watching setup on my network.

    I have used TiVo on/off since 2002. And I gotta say, I have no idea why I never used pytivo before with either of my current Roamio Pro or Premiere XL. I have been transferring my backed up movies and shows as well as even video podcasts all to my TiVo hard drives / hosted from my shared NAS. It just makes watching movies/shows so much easier in the TE 3 interface than using PLEX. I don't know, PLEX is wonderful still, but clicking DEVICES and pressing Play using the seamless TiVo seek/play controls is the way to go. I know it's not 4K, but I personally do not care about 4K unless there's some new series on Prime/Netflix.

    Does anyone else still use Tivo interface as their primary media center for movies and such?

    Edit: To clarify, I've only ever used software to backup recorded shows from TiVo, I never got into placing/uploading TO TiVo. Another reason I also won't upgrade to TE4.
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  2. powrcow

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    Sep 27, 2010
    This is what I do - a server running pytivo is my central video repository for some recorded shows and ripped DVDs.

    I also have a TiVo Stream so I use that to transcode/stream to a smaller device (tablet or phone).

    I've tried PLEX - it does everything except record (Cox locks down cable channels). But for now, pytivo integrates with TE3 so that's where I am.
  3. Dan203

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    Apr 17, 2000
    I assume you're referring to my pyTivo Desktop? pyTivo itself has been around for many years, and has always worked great, but it was a bit technical to install and run so only the real geeks bothered. My original version of "easier to use pyTivo" just wrapped that version in an installer with a tray app to make it easy to run. But the UI was still all in the web interface and the transfer part didn't always work right because TiVo broke something about the pagination when they added streaming One Passes. That's why I decided to do pyTivo Desktop. To make something that was not only easy to install and run, but also had a UI that was easy to use. Plus it was a cool little project that allowed me to learn python and Angular, and I like learning new stuff.
  4. dougtv

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    May 20, 2015
    Yes, I used to use pytivo on the console back in the day but now I've been using pytivo Desktop on Mac mostly. I may use the Windows one but usually my main desktop is always booted into BSD so most of pytivo activity is on my Mac.

    Really great software and I hope this solution lasts for me for several more years. Again, I have no interest in 4K movies at this time since our projector is 1080p only and we only have 1 4K TV and have only watched a few programs in 4K. I even downgraded my Netflix subscription to save money and avoid 4K.

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