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    When I try to play a recording on Roamio OTA ; Tivo+ starts playing instead. Everytime. I found that using the fast forward record button exits the Tivo+ goes to the recording I had chosen to play. It feels as though Tivo+ is being shoved down my throat, because I can't just play a recording anymore without having to use the fast forward record button to get out of TIVO Plus that intercepts my recording.
    I did not sign up for it, it can't be removed from menu or the guide. I hate it, would like to opt out. I have no options to roll back system. When I reset the Roamio OTA dvr and lost all of my recordings just to get rid of Tivo+, everything came back as before, Tivo+ coming on when trying to watch a recording.
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    Are you sure it’s not a pre- roll ad playing ? That’s easy to opt out of. I’ve never heard of tivo plus channel playing unless you select it from the guide to play. That’s weird!

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    Coincidentally I just posted a similar post under a pre-roll ad thread. I recently began getting the TiVo+ ads on my Roamio Pro before recordings too. I assumed they were related to pre-roll ads so I called to request that they be removed again (for the umpteenth time). We should not have to keep calling back to opt out of these pre-roll ads. I also wish they would make the TiVo+ guide entries optional, but if they did, they would probably keep coming back too. I wonder why they are shoving TiVo+ down our throats. I don’t use it because it caused me an issue the first time I tried. I’m curious, does anyone know - are they are making revenue off of us using TiVo+?
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  4. shwru980r

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    Jun 22, 2008
    You could roll back to TE3 to get rid of TIVO+, but you will lose all of your recordings.
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