I feel like I'm home again!

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  1. galewis

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    Oct 23, 2001
    South Carolina


    Back in October of 2001 I purchased a Series 1 TiVo on a whim. Didn't know much about it, but it sounded like a fun toy and so took the plunge. My wife and I were immediately fans! I hacked that first unit to upgrade its capacity, enable show transferring, install TivoWebPlus, etc. I went for the lifetime subscription. Life was good.

    Some time a year or two after that I got sick and tired of dealing with Charter Communications and so jumped ship to DirecTV and an HDVR2. I was able to sell my hacked Series 1 on ebay for more than I'd paid for it, I hacked the new HDVR2, and enjoyed all the same great things that I'd enjoyed on the Series 1. On top of that, I was able to record two programs while watching a third. Life was better!

    Then my HDVR2 went out -- a cracked circuit board -- and DirecTV would only supply me with an R10 replacement. In retrospect I should have repaired that unit, but hindsight, they say, is always 20/20. (The HDVR2 is still in my garage, by the way... anyone want to buy it?) When the R10 arrived and I only found out after the fact (yes, my fault) that the R10 wasn't hackable, I resigned myself to the situation and lived life as one of the many red-headed stepchildren in the extended TiVo family. It eventually became all too obvious that the cool network-enabled features I'd loved with my HDVR2 were never going to materialize on the R10 because DirecTV was intentionally marginalizing its TiVo user base as they sought to place their own in-house DVR. Boo, hiss, DirecTV!

    "Record-two-while-watching-a-third" was the thing that kept me immobilized for years. And as much as I had the bug to upgrade to HDTV, I knew it would be an exercise in futility with a standard-def (albeit digital satellite) signal. So I was stuck. As DirecTV's "100 digital channels by the end of the year!" promise loomed, I felt like my hand was being forced. Should I capitulate to DirecTV's strategies and go entirely with their service and equipment, or should I somehow find a way out from under DirecTV so that I could become a full-fledged TiVo user once again? All the networked features that I'd enjoyed years ago were, in some form or other, pretty much all available as supported features in the newer TiVos. But there was that blasted record-two-while-watching-one conundrum....

    Then [cue ethereal music!] the heavens parted and the angel hosts delivered the TiVo HD to earth. It took me completely by surprise because I'd been away from tivocommunity.com for so long. (I felt that there was no reason for me to browse here any longer: I was a disenfranchised R10 user. What point was there in reading about all the cool things that other users could do? I mean, my R10 unit was stable and did what it was supposed to do, but it was a dead-end street.) So when I heard that TiVo had come out with the very thing that I thought I'd never see -- a two-tuner, HD-capable unit that was in my price range -- I jumped on it with the enthusiastic desperation of a drowning man! I went down to the local Buy More (for you Chuck fans out there) and, using the $250 gift cards I'd gotten as rewards from my credit card accounts, walked out the door with a new Tivo HD that I effectively paid $70 for (I felt like I was shoplifting!). I brought that little puppy home, browsed to TiVo's website, and never even blinked when I forked over the three-year prepaid subscription fee to TiVo, an amount that a lot of people were saying was way too much. I didn't exactly giggle while doing it, mind you, but it was a price I was more than willing to pay. Then I made my way over to weaknees.com and purchased a 750gb drive to upgrade my new unit with. Set up the appointment with Charter (the only part of my happy little story that leaves me with regret), and in short order I was enjoying digital HD goodness in my newly-equipped home theater. When I saw the opening TiVo video on my 40" Samsung HDTV for the first time, I think the grin must have just about split my face in two.

    And so now I'm "home" again, and in the very month of my 6-year anniversary with TiVo. I'm no longer one of the poor, ill-conceived, red-headed stepchildren sired by a soured DirecTV/TiVo union, and now there are plenty of reasons for me to visit tivocommunity.com once again. It took a long time for the planets to align, but align they finally have.

    I'm glad to be back. Life is great!
  2. ADWired

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    Apr 29, 2004
    Wow! I am in the same DTV boat as you were and have been on the fence about moving to the FIOS/THD side. Your pust just pushed me over!
  3. jtseltmann

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    May 22, 2005
    Amen...just made the switch from DTV/Tivo to Full Tivo service..and it is just amazing. actually got three TiVo HD's and can't wait for MRV and ToGo...and eSata to be enabled...

    I share in your euphoria!
  4. MikeyB

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    Jan 7, 2005
    Great narrative. Though I've had two S2 Tivos for a few years now, I'm finally moving up to the big leagues. My new house deserves better than Comcast standard def and my 32" CRT Toshiba. FiOS, a 52" Sharp LCD, and a shiny new S3 are waiting in the garage until moving day. The new DVD player and HDMI-switching Onkyo receiver are hiding somewhere in there too. Yes, it's tough having those nice things just sitting there, but I'm not dealing with Comcast or any of the setup for a measly two weeks of service. As the big brown truck has delivered my boxes from Amazon, I wish away my life more and more as I hope these next two weeks will disappear. If this goes as well as I hope, I see a THD for the bedroom soon -- four simultaneous recordings should be enough. And with TTG/MRV on it's way I'll be even more anxious about the additional purchase.
  5. rcamille

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    Dec 23, 2002
    Long Island, NY


    Well put!

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