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Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by firerose818, Jan 5, 2021.

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    Watched the new episode last night and I don't know if the questions got easier or what, but on the chase round (the one in the middle), I was able to answer everyone of the questions correctly, either by knowing the answer or from process of elimination. And all three contestants made it to the final round, so maybe that's what they were going after? I don't know.

    I agree, this show needs some tweaking. Give them the money they earned up until the final round and then significantly raise the money for the final round to make it worth it. The problem with the final round is there's little control over the chaser and those questions so it feels like it's possible that you have too arbitrary a chance to win. They got like 20 questions right, which is a lot, but they were able to be chased down, even with the chaser having trouble with a few questions, either missing or hesitating on the answers.

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    I always wondered when their were 3 champs, and 3 contestants why not have 1 different champ for each round. Like many game shows they tape multiple shows in 1 day, so they are just sitting around anyway.

    And i agree, just having the beast would be ok with me.

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  3. trainman

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    Jan 29, 2001
    If all three contestants wind up with $0 at the end of Final Jeopardy!, there's no possible winner in that situation -- there will be no tiebreaker question, and there will be three new contestants on the next show.
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  4. TonyTheTiger

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    Dec 22, 2006

    Citation needed, or is this your speculation?
  5. TonyD79

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    Google “jeopardy has no winner”
  6. trainman

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    Jan 29, 2001
    The "Jeopardy!" tiebreaker rule was instituted in November 2014, and this is the most recent time all three contestants finished with $0, in January 2016:

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  7. astrohip

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    Thanks for posting that. I vaguely remember when that happened, and my response is I'm sure the same as seven years ago... WTF was 3rd place thinking? Are you a bloomin' idiot?
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    I remember an old The Price is Right episode, where after the two final contestants went over on their bid, and Bob Barker just walked up the audience area and left.
  9. That Don Guy

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    Probably because they want the same person the contestants faced in the earlier round to face them in the final chase, which is hard to do if there are two or three contestants that made it that far.
  10. mattack

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    wait, you mean per question? Wow ok.. still I was seeing some people get pretty high scores in the first round.

    yeah adding a 4th seems weird.. but I still think they're entertaining, with the peanut gallery comments.
  11. mattack

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    hah, yeah this is the kind of show I watch sped up (but I do it at 1.7x -- you do know you can speed up quick mode right? hit select play select 7 NUMBER select -- and that will change the speed to 1.NUMBERx.. e.g. select play select 7 9 select makes it play at 1.9x).

    IF I watch something sped up, I basically never go below 50% sped up, and for things like American Idol, I watch the actual singing at normal speed (until I get bored of the song), then the banter at 1.9x (unless I skipped the vast majority of the song and/or it's country/etc, so I FF past the banter too).
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  12. DancnDude

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    I haven't seen new episodes for this season yet, but my wife and I did see a preview for it while watching something else. My wife came in and said "it's 2021 and this show is adding a 4th white man as a chaser?"

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