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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by crawleyness, Jul 25, 2011.

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    So I called Tivo to get technical support on my Humax Series 2 system. The problem is that when watching live tv the screen will freeze and will stay frozen until it is rebooted. And if the screen is frozen it wont record. Tivo support tells me i have to call Humax. When I called Humax the representative walked me through a kickstart which did nothing. He actually blamed my issue on COMCAST cable. He said i could purchase a refurbished HUMAX for $310 but he couldnt guarantee that TIVO would honor my lifetime subscription. So he says I can go to weaknees (which is me trying to self fix my machine, which would definitely void my warranty). So here I am stuck and frustrated. I am near tears. I mean geez, TIVO is aware that HUMAX doesnt make new machines that are available in the USA. I thought at worst I could purchase a system from TIVO and keep my lifetime subscription.

    Does anyone have any solutions.
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    A lifetime Humax DRT-800 is a good thing. I know, I have one.

    First, the freeze could be your cable box and you really should rule that out before trying more invasive things. Can you run another set of cable box outputs directly to the TV set? Then when the screen freezes switch the TV to the other input and see if it is frozen there or working correctly. If it is working correctly, you have ruled out Comcast and have a failing DVR. If it is frozen, your cable box is bad and needs to be replaced by Comcast.

    Assuming it is the DVR, then the most likely failure is a failing hard drive. The kickstart may or may not help here. There are actually several kickstart coudes you could try, but I won't get into that. If your hard drive is failing, then all is not lost. You can get a new bigger hard drive with more recording capacity and put it into your DVR and still keep your lifetime subscription. Weakness is one of several very good vendors that all advertise here that can do this for you. Your choices will range from getting a ready-to-go hard drive you install yourself, up to sending the DVR to one of the vendors to have them troubleshoot it, upgrade it, and return it with your lifetime subscription still fully valid. (the subscription is tied to a chip on the motherboard, not the hard drive or software) Check out the upgrade forum here for lots of discussions on this subject.

    I suspect a replacement box from Humax would work too, but TiVo will charge a lifetime transfer fee, or simply not allow the transfer at all. (they have done both at different times as promotions, I cannot predict what they will do for you now) So that three hundred dollars could go to five or six hundred if you go that route.

    Finally, you could consider this as an opportunity to go HD and get a TiVo Premiere. It would not cost much more than getting the refurb and lifetime transfer, and you would end up with a new lifetime box that does HD, Netflix, Hulu +, Amazon VOD, Pandora, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and you can send your Comcast cable box, and it's rental fee, back to comcast since the Premiere won't need it, it will use a cable card instead.

    Those are your main options, so look the menu over and decide what works for you.

    Good luck.

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