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    May 30, 2011


    The original TIVO hard drive started cycling between Welcome and Almost screens without ever reaching the menu. I replaced the drive with a TIVO-ready drive off ebay, and the unit worked great for 3 weeks.

    Then the DVD burner ran into trouble playing DVDs. My wife put in a "cleaning dvd", and the DVD burner stopped working altogether. I opened the unit to see if I could clean the laser manually without any luck.

    When I put the unit back together, it was slow to respond to the remote and would stutter during live TV. I opened the unit back up to insure everything was connected. Upon putting it back together, it would go from the Welcome screen to a blank white screen skipping the Almost Three screen.

    The replacement hard drive has a green light that shows power, but it's red light that blinks to show activity doesn't appear. When I connect the original hard drive, it goes back to the original problem of cycling between the two screens without a white screen.

    The ebay seller thinks it's the power supply. The new hard drive uses a SATA connection with a IDE adapter. The adapter seems flimsy to me, and I'm afraid I may've been rough with it. Alternatively, perhaps the new hard drive has come up What with another error.

    Is there a way to diagnose if it is the power supply? Could it be the IDE adapter? If I do replace the hard drive, I'll be looking for an image of a Humax DRT800 hard drive.

    Any other suggestions or ideas?

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