Hulu Plus a horrible deal

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by dvrpundit, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. lillevig

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    I picked up on this thread when I recently got a Premiere because it comes with a free 6 months of Hulu+ (if you sign up). I've used Hulu before but just to find really old stuff like the original Outer Limits show in black and white. Stream it on my laptop connected via HDMI to my TV. I will skip the Hulu+ offer because of the potential hassle of cutting it off and the lack of programming I'm interested in. I do like that I can download VOD movies from Amazon on my S2DT, S3HD and Premiere boxes because that replaces the VOD that I lost when I turned in my cablebox. I will say that it is a pain having to wait on the download but it is nice that the recording is actually on the Tivo (no mid-stream blips like cable VOD).
  2. aadam101

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    Hulu has also blocked certain mobile browsers from accessing their site. This is where I take issue with them. They don't have to support every browser but I see no reason for them to flat out block certain browsers.
  3. pileosnafu

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    its partly due to license agreements
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    The problem is they created the site to curtail piracy. They had no foresight that people would want to watch content on something other than the website. So now they are stuck with a terrible licensing structure that causes this mess. My guess is if Hulu does survive a few more years, they will finally have the licensing mess straightened out and you will not have the same confusion.
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    Sep 29, 2011


    I agree... Hulu+ tor TiVo is horrible!
    Queue just seems to break all the time.
  6. aaronwt

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    Isn't the queue problem only an issue when you have over a certain amount in your queue?
    I've not had any issues with Hulu+ on my Premieres, but I also only have around 85 items in my queue.
  7. KungFuCow

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    May 6, 2004
    Hulu Minus?
  8. muzzymate

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    Has there been any word about when Hulu Plus shows will show up in the Tivo Premiere search? (like the other partners do- ie: Netflix, Amazon, etc.) Defeats the whole purpose of having a "single place to search" if available programs aren't listed there.
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    I'm not holding my breath. TiVo/Netflix (or whoever) can't even keep the Netflix streaming titles straight. I keep getting more and more instances of wanting to watch a movie that shows up on TiVo, but isn't allowed to stream when I select it. These errant movies don't show up on my Sony Bravia TV. If it shows on there, it streams.

    I'm sure there are licensing issues involved, as others have said. Then there's the fact (as explained a while back by a TiVo employee) that Netflix has to have specialized "assets" (a different, additional format) for each movie/show in order for it to even play on a TiVo, which adds to their costs. Hulu can't even manage to integrate together what they have now.
  10. muzzymate

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    Sep 2, 2004
    There is a quick glimpse of Hulu Plus results showing up in search in the latest Tivo Youtube video. [media][/media]

    However, I recently switched back to the SDUI because the HDUI is still simply too slow for every day use so until that's resolved...

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