hulu no pic or sound, but video bar shows rolling

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by newsposter, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. newsposter

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    Aug 18, 2002
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    i had thought when i started watching a show my connection was just too slow..waited 15 min for it to load then on a whim pressed play and sure enough it was 13 minutes in

    so why no pic or sound...tried 2 different HD shows and nada...tried SD show including kicking down the speed..nothing...changed tivo setting to do 480 and 720 as well and when i play a video my screen shows it kicked to 720 but still no pic nor sound...i've kicked down to the SD interface on tivo and that didnt help

    i've started a video and hit the front button on the tivo and strangely enough that just kicked me out to live tv

    turning on CC works, i can see what is being said

    using the same connection my laptop starts things just fine...reboot didnt help..and even the tivo how to video in hulu wont show pic nor sound but it's definitely times i've gotten the 'loading' message on the screen and on the top left of the screen there are some video artifacts or something...barely takes up 1/4 length of the screen and looks like just one partial row of pixels

    speedtest shows 1.3 but if i can get it on my laptop why not tivo? matter of fact even while is streaming on tivo i can get laptop to stream just fine

    note just saw that netflix wont work either..same thing..i can see the bar moving minute by minute. very vids DO work fine

    video sharing and downloading on are enabled...i've unsubbed and subbed the tivo thru the hulu page multiple times..logging in from both tivo and activating from online

    EDIT: strangely enough, i was trying to watch something on hulu and then the screen showed snow...i replaced the hdmi cable temporarily with component and it worked! then switched out to another hdmi cable and still works. so it was just a bad cable...but i have no idea why every other video would show except netflix or hulu??? how bizarre is that
  2. Dan203

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    I've had this problem with Netflix. It turns out that it's a problem with the TiVo not always getting a proper HDCP handshake from the TV. You can tell if you have a proper connection by looking at the system information screen on the TiVo. It has a line that lists whether it has a proper HDCP connection or not.

    In my case simply turning off the TV and turning it back on usually fixes the problem.

  3. newsposter

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    Aug 18, 2002
    SE PA
    ok i just had a problem with regular tv, i had been on input 2 on my tv (which is component) and switched to the new tivo on input 1, was all snow

    i took out the hdmi and put it back in and all was well. i never had this problem with the hr20 or or the hr10250 and now i'm worried the tivo is bad

    HDMI status says hdcp not this correct or not? i have a 2005 crt if that makes a difference

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