Hulu no longer updating their app for any TiVo.

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by taupehat, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. dougdingle

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    Jul 4, 2007
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    I meant that I can see the resolution 'upshifting'. It starts out sending me (more or less) standard def with a ton of compression, then about 15-30 seconds later it changes to a better resolution with less compression, then 15-30 seconds after that it upshifts again to the final 1920x1080 proper HD resolution with 'minimal' compression. I have Spectrum 100/10 service, and everything in the house is distributed through Netgear GIG switches with a minimum of Cat5E cable (mostly CAT6 now).

    In my main viewing area with the Roamio, where I use the Amazon Fire or the LG OLED's built-in apps, it's not much different - Amazon starts at HD with heavy compression, then takes a good 30-60 seconds to figure out I've got the bandwidth for UHD streaming with HDR (on shows that support that). In between, it gets to be better HD before it becomes UHD. I don't pay the extra (yet) for Netflix UHD access, so my experience with it is strictly HD. If I use the Roamio to stream Amazon of Netflix, it still takes a looooong time before I see final HD resolution playing.

    It's a GIG Netgear switch coming off the main ASUS router. I have never had delay issues with the Mini streaming from the Roamio, which is connected to the same switch. The Roamio loads Netgear a bit faster, but I see the same upshifting of resolution as I do on the Mini.
  2. delgadobb

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    Heh. Brothers from another mother.

    I also have an ASUS router distributing Cat5E/Cat6 throughout house with Netgear GIG switches (every room has at least one jack, some have two.) Recently added a 4K LG OLED which has prompted me to sell my new Bolt Plus, since the OLED does 4K HDR native on apps but not via HDMI - my Roamios work just fine & are easier to upgrade. I have a couple Amazon FireTV boxes for streaming when watching elsewhere.

    About the only difference is I have 50/5 service from Cox in Las Vegas. Realistically, I don't push that service much & would likely be fine with 15 Mbit; I do more traffic between computers & Tivos inside the house.

    BTW are you still impressed with your OLED picture? A lot of TVs have a 'wow' factor in the store turned to turbo mode, but that wears off quickly when you get home. I still find myself amazed at the depth & quality of picture on my OLED (and that's with a bit of vertical banding on grey screens.) My Plasmas are nice, but pale in comparison to the OLED.

    Maybe if Hulu sends me a promo or reactivation offer I'll try it & test for a bit on my setup since it's so similar to yours.
  3. HerronScott

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    Strange since we don't see that behavior at all here on either the Roamio or the Mini with what should be lower bandwidth. Both apps report 1080 from the beginning and I don't see any of that kind of resolution upshifting. The quality stays the same from the time it starts playing to the end.

  4. halo0

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    Does anyone have an idea if the Hulu app for TiVo will be updated to support profiles? Right now it doesn't which is pretty ridiculous meaning I have to use my phone app to watch Hulu or risk screwing up profile preferences.
  5. krkaufman

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    Nov 25, 2003
    No idea.

    Any idea which Hulu profile a TiVo device would use with the present app? Can you setup one profile as the default profile for TiVo use, and then all the others as user-specific for devices where the Hulu app actually supports profiles?
  6. halo0

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    Jan 1, 2008
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    The TiVo app currently uses the main Hulu profile, or would I assume was the very first profile ever set up before they added the profiles feature. I can't find any way in the Hulu app to switch which profile is considered that main profile. If anyone can that would be great.
  7. c133roamioerrors

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    Dec 28, 2013
    I started using Hulu on my Roamio and most of the time it starts buffering after an hour. I had similar problems with Netflix and Amazon when they were introduced. My work around is using my Blu-ray for Hulu, but my Blu-ray keeps switching to HDMI 2 from HDMI 1 (Tivo) unless the cable to HDMI 2 is unplugged. Hulu on my Blu-ray works perfectly.
  8. kpeters59

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    Sounds like you need (or might want) to turn off CEC on your Blu-Ray player, or your TV if you don't want it automagically switching inputs. It's a 'feature' you paid extra for...


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