Hughes unit failing? (pixelation and jumpiness on certain channels only)

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    I have the Hughes DirecTiVo unit - I think mine's about five years old. Recently, programs on TLC, TNT, CBS, and HBO have been randomly pixelating, sometimes quite a bit, or jumping ahead several frames at once, or the picture gets really pixelated and jams, stuck in place. There are plenty of other channels, though, where this never happens.

    My roommate has a DirecTV unit that isn't the DirecTiVo, and none of this is happening on those channels on her tv, so it has to be the DirecTiVo unit itself. I've had DirecTV repairmen out twice now, and they tell me there's nothing they can do, the unit is obviously busted, and do I want to buy a new DirecTV unit with their proprietary DVR? (HELL NO.)

    It can't be the hard drive, because then it would be randomly spread across all channels. It can't be the dish, because it never happens on my roommate's tv.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to have this fixed by the time the fall premieres roll around.
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    Try swapping your Tivo with your roommate's. Perhaps there's a problem with the coax feeds to your room.
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    I have a Hughes HDVR2 that's suffering from the periodic pixelations that are caused from some sort of electronic problem, most notably in conjunction with the S-Video connection that causes a recurring drop in one of the input tuner's satellite signals.

    When checking the satellite signal strength, I'll see both tuners in the 90's and then one will drop to 0 and back up to where it was before. If I swap the cables, the drop happens on the same tuner (it doesn't follow the cable).
  4. DevilDogs

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