Hughes DVR2 Acting up

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    Jan 7, 2006


    My Hughes DVR2 stared to show the tivo menus while playing live tv in the background. For example while watching live Tv I click on the List button and I see my recordings (Now Playing List) while it still shows the Live Tv on the background even the audio still works. The Tivo screen completely disappeared. Even Directv Central and the rest of the screens show up while Live TV plays on the background. Even if I play one of my recordings and click on the List button it will continue to play the recorded show and show my Now Playing List. I do not think this was a software upgrade. My software version: 6.2-01-2-151. I even restarted it and even did a new guided setup and it still has the same problem. Other than some bad areas on the hard drive (I kept those recordings with bad areas) the rest of the tivo operation (schedule recordings, pausing/rewinding live tv) is working as normal.

    Can somebody help me with this issue or should I start shopping for a new unit or replace the hard drive?
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    Yep. It's time to replace/upgrade that hard drive. This is often a symptom of some damaged Tivo files.

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