HR20 upgraded to 0x290 yesterday 10/21, hung twice so far

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  1. BlankMan

    BlankMan I'm the Kettle

    Mar 30, 2002


    My HR20 says it was upgraded to 0x290 yesterday at 8:03 PM, so that means it must have hung almost immediately, the only reason I went and looked was after I discovered it hung twice now. It was hung when I turned the TV on this evening, would not respond to the remote so I rebooted it but then was watching my HR10-250 and didn't check it. I then went out for a while, came back and checked out the HR20 and it was hung again so that time after rebooting I went to check to see if it was updated and got the new features message (a good indication it was updated) then saw the 8:03 yesterday.

    When did this 0x290 come out? And anybody else seeing these hangs?

    Just went and checked my other HR20 and it also says it was updated to 0x290 yesterday (10/21) at 6:44 PM but so far it seems to be fine.
  2. litzdog911

    litzdog911 TechKnow Guide

    Oct 18, 2002
    Mill Creek,...
  3. joed32

    joed32 New Member

    Jul 9, 2005
    All 5 of mine locked up and right after I got them all rebooted they started downloading the new software one by one. Don't know why they would do it at that time of day, maybe since every DVR in the country was already down they thought they might as well push it out.
  4. RickyL

    RickyL valar morghulis

    Sep 13, 2004
    Pretty bad timing... both of mine restarted at 6:15 (Eastern) and wanted to down load the update around 7:30. Why would the even think of doing this right before prime time starts.
  5. jimb726

    jimb726 New Member

    Jan 4, 2007
    Cleveland, Ohio


    I think the issues they were having with the units locking up again due to guide data required the daytime downloads. I cannot remember a time where they forced a download during the day. Granted I have only been with them since 2000 or so. This was definately a damned if you do, damned if you dont situation.
  6. Colby

    Colby New Member

    Mar 2, 2003
    Austin, TX
    My HR21 was acutually paused last night at 11:01 PM (CDT) when they pushed the latest update and I had to sit there and wait for it to finish before I could continue using my DVR. After it finished, it couldn't find a signal and kept give code 771. I tried a warm-reset but that didn't fix the problem. I then powered it off, powered it back on, and re-ran guided setup and then rebooted and it worked again. Very annoying...
  7. tivoboy

    tivoboy Member

    Jan 14, 2002
    both of ours were stuck, needed reboots, and then they weren't upgraded, but then they DID but THEN I had no LOCALS, but then they did. The entire process took 1+ hours.
  8. Cor

    Cor New Member

    Oct 17, 2006
    My HR21-700 started in the middle of a show i was watching with the option to download the code or postpone it. i choose to download it and get it done and over with. No problems found so far, Before around 6PM i tried to turn my TV on and no luck at all with the HR21-700 so i rebooted it and after that it worked. This is really a bad timing to do a upgrade.
  9. JimSpence

    JimSpence Just hangin'

    Sep 19, 2001
    Binghamton, NY
  10. poppagene

    poppagene User

    Dec 29, 2001
    My Hr20, hr21, and hr22 were all frozen when I got home from work yesterday -- I'll have to check them a gain when I get home tonight.
  11. scottt

    scottt Macintosh Guru

    Sep 6, 2002
    Springfield, VA
    My unit locked up twice while watching a show (recorded).

    Then while watching live TV, it downloaded the update.

    Luckily everything was done 2 mins before 8pm (whew!)
  12. TonyD79

    TonyD79 Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2002
    Columbia, MD
    The download was to fix the guide problem. If your box was frozen (as many were), it was supposed to be forced to reboot and upgrade remotely. If you did not get the new software, you should probably force a download.

    To do so, do a reset from the menus then as soon as the lights come back on, type 02468 with your remote control. That will check for new software.

    If your DVR is frozen, hit the red button inside the door on the front.
  13. BrewerBob

    BrewerBob New Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    SJ, CA
    The process automatically started for me while I was watching the World Series game. I missed an entire inning. The folks at DirecTV are idiots scheduling this upgrade during during prime time.
  14. cobra5wood

    cobra5wood New Member

    Jan 6, 2005
    Since the 0x290 upgrade a week ago my HR20 now takes an additional 1-2 seconds to change channels...

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