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  1. tblock

    tblock New Member

    Oct 4, 2001


    So installer came when I was at work. Figured no big deal change dish, disconnect Sat 1 & 2 from old receiver, off air antenna and boom off and running.....

    Ha!! My kind installer allowed me to spend five hours reconnecting my system last night....He disconnected my cable, modulated channels and when he replace multi switch he only hooked up the new receiver and the other two were not switched.

    Once I got everything back in order......I sat down to play with this baby. Guess what they gave me a refurbished unit that had only one working tuner!!! :mad:

    They are going to ship me a new one in 2-5 kind of them.....

    They offered my 1 month Showtime for me a a solution... and I quote "so you think my time is worth $12"
  2. milominderbinder

    milominderbinder New Member

    Dec 18, 2006
    Yup. We have seen problems like this before. Not just with DIRECTV but any time you schedule a contractor to be home alone in your house.

    From so many stories like yours we accumulated the Get a Great Deal on an HR20 tips.

    One of the most important links it gives is for the Installation and Initial Setup Tips.

    While specific to DIRECTV and the HR20, the concepts apply to having any contractor come to your home to do work.

    Here are a couple of the tips that might have helped you:

    BUY DIRECT - Call 800-DIRECTV to schedule your installation.
    + Make sure your work order includes:
    + Setup free removal of existing dish, cables, and receivers as needed (otherwise you will pay extra)
    + If the receiver is bad, it should be replaced on the spot. Do not accept a bad receiver or dish.

    MORNING INSTALL - Schedule yourself for mornings (8 AM - 12 noon)
    + Your receiver may fail and they may pull a receiver from another install set for later in the day.

    MAKE IT EASY - for the installer. Be home. Plan for the install to run over. Make sure areas are clear.
    + Label your cables for easy reconnection. Help watch screens during setup.

    TEST - Make sure is done right and works before the installer leaves.
    + Do not sign until all work is completed.
    + Make sure all cables are correctly connected with no splices

    Having a contractor in your home when you are not there seems to have been a source of problems for many, not just with the HR20 and not just with DIRECTV.

    The BBB recommends against leaving a contractor you do not personally trust alone in your house.

    Your Kentucky State's Attorney General tells you to "Never sign a completion of work statement before the job is completed to your satisfaction..." Tell DIRECTV that no one ever approved his work.

    - Craig
  3. Rigelian

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    May 21, 2003
    They must have given you the unit I was sent as a replacement for another unit that melted down. I dont trust their "refurbished" units. It wouldn't surprise me if they were just shipping out a few defective units like some big shell game. Fortunately the unit I eventually received was sold.
  4. Sir_winealot

    Sir_winealot Seenyer Member

    Nov 18, 2000

    Did you tell them of the shoddy work that the installer did, or just that the HR20 had a bad tuner? Cuz for that amount of aggravation, you should've gotten more of a credit, IMO.
  5. jimb726

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    Jan 4, 2007
    Cleveland, Ohio


    I agree, if there ever was a candidate for the 100 dollar credit and year of free HD, here it is. Man that sucks. :thumbsdown:
  6. bonscott87

    bonscott87 Done.

    Oct 3, 2000
    Just for the shucks of it restart your HR20 and see if it picks up the 2nd tuner. If the installer didn't do it right the 2nd tuner may indeed work but the HR20 doesn't see it. A restart will correct that.

    Doesn't hurt to try it.

    And I agree, I'd be complaining about the crappy install and getting some credits. And if the HR20 turns out to have a bad tuner the installer should have known that after install and swaped it out right then and there.
  7. annenoe

    annenoe He's a Smooth Fox

    Oct 19, 2003
    Sorry you're all having issues. My guy came an hour early (on Sunday) and stayed for 3 hours. He put in a new multi-switch and ran two new lines (we now have a total of 6 coming into the house), moved my HR10 and set it up, installed my HR20, gave me a new remote when the one that came out of the box was so dirty I wouldn't touch it, found white face plates and changed out an ivory one (we just remodeled our house and all face plates from ivory to white), which required him to change two lines coming into the house so they could be screwed into nibs on the new face plate. Hell, if I'd asked him, he probably would have finished a couple of things I can't get the contractor to do!!

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