HR10-250 - updates using wireless network or VoiP?

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    Okay, I am going to tell you up front that I only know enough about this to be dangerous, so please speak slowly (or pretend you're explaining to a five year old).

    We have an HR10-250 that we bought from a friend who doesn't have DirecTv any longer, and we're having some issues getting it set up. We have had TiVo before, but not the Hughes receiver - just a series 2 unit that was easier to setup.

    Am I correct in understanding that your home wireless network cannot be used for updates?

    Short of having a landline installed, what are our options for updating?

    And finally, the dumbest question - if we're getting satellite updates (which we are - the schedule is updating), why do we need to access TiVo as well?

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    Correct. The HR10-250 and other DirecTV/Tivo DVRs do not support any networking features. If you're trying to perform the initial Guided Setup, you'll need access to regular phone line. You can use a friend/neighbor's house, because you don't need the satellite connections for that initial Guided Setup.

    If your DirecTivo has already been through its Guided Setup, you don't need any phone connection. The Guide Data updates are delivered via satellite, not phone line. The only feature you'll lose is ordering PPV movies with your remote control, but you can order via DirecTV's Web site instead.
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    You aren't accessing TiVo as in the company. The unit just has the TiVo interface. The updates do come over the satellite, so a phone line isn't needed once past the initial setup or when a software update (also sat delivered) needs to be initiated.

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