HR10-250 Still Available For Lease

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    My HR10-250 got fried when I was messing with it. My #1 Tuner is dead. Called DirecTV to see what my options are and the Tech Support guy said he thought I could still get a HR10-250 if I wanted one as a replacement. He first tried to get me to go with the new model, but when I said I didn't like what I had heard about it, he agreed. He put me on hold for a couple mins to check it out to make sure, and came back and confirmed it. I could get another HR10-250, no charge, but it would be as a lease, not a purchase. I would then ship back my purchased unit to them. He said if I wanted to do this, I should hurry, since he didn't know how long they would still be available. I told him I didn't like the idea of giving up a purchased unit for a leased one, and again, he agreed and recommended I go to and buy one!
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    D* offered to send me a replacement HR10-250 since I had their "extended warranty" plan on the one I bought at Tweeter 2+ years ago. I was skeptical and had them confirm they would NOT send me their D* HR20-700 since I use the OTA turners to get some local PBS channels that D* doesn't rebroadcast via satellite.

    Aftern waiting patiently for a week and when I opened the box they sent, I found an HR20, NOT an HR10! WTF? I called D* Tech Support again, I was THEN told that they don't have ANY HR10s at ANY of their warehouses AND the person who said I WAS going to get an HR10 was completely wrong.

    I took my HR10 to Tweeter to get it repaired under their extended warranty (they've had it in the shop for almost a MONTH now... VERY bad service). Next I hooked up their HR20 and have been using it for almost 3 weeks now and I REALLY don't like it... VERY unintuitive GUI, no OTA tuning ("deactivated" = M.I.A.), HD seems to fill up MUCH faster than my HR10, can't be networked, HD expansion available ONLY via EXTERNAL SATA hard drive (which also makes their INTERNAL HD "inactive"... Huh?), and the remote STINKS!

    So I went to eBay, bought a 1-year old HR10 for $300 (shipped) and I'm going to use InstantCake and PTVnet tomorrow to network it and add a 2nd 250GB HD ($65 @ Hopefully, I'll have it up and running tomorrow so I can ship back the HR20 to D* on Tuesday.

    The only good thing with that came out of this was $500 in credits/free programming from unbelievable series of mistaker (HR20 needed new dish for to receive the correct satellites, missed dish install appointment, D* installer showed up with no ladder to install dish even though workorder had "need 2-story ladder" on it, etc.) that D* did in the past 3 weeks while they TRIED to make this right. FINALLY got the cell phone number of the HEAD of D* installations in SoCal who came out to my house personally, walked the job, upgraded my account from "A-level" to "VIP" status which got me new DUAL cable drops in EVERY room, a new dish, and several hours of "in wall" wiring ALL at no charge. ALMOST made this nightmare worth the all the pain.

    In the end, I'l end up with TWO 500Gb InstantCake + PTVnet "hacked" HR10s so if one goes down, I'll have another one in reserve. The 2nd one also is great since its in my home office where I can watch it while I'm using the computer (like now).

    So I suggest you DON'T relive my HR10 replacement nightmare by taking up D*s "promise" to send you an HR10... You'll probably get an HR20 and then go through the same nightmare I've had to endure.

    If your HR10 is having problems, buy another HR10 on or If you want an extended warranty, you'll probably get an email from one of eBay's companies offering one for a very fair price OR pay D* their monthly fee for their warranty.

    Good luck!

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