HR10-250 recording-buffer changed?

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    I turned on my TV at 2:30 today, and Fallen with Denzel Washington was on had started at 1pm. I didn't have time to watch it (again), and I hit the record button expecting it to pick up/record the 30 minute buffer back to 2pm.

    So I was really surprised when I saw that it had gone back and recorded from the 1pm start (90 minutes earlier). Has it always been this way, and I just never realized it was capable of recording back that far? :confused:
  2. JimSpence

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    This happens every now and then. You can't depend on it.
  3. rminsk

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    The buffer is a fixed size area on the disk. The UI will only allow you to go back 30 minutes but the buffer could hold a lot more. Since you are using a HR10-250 it has a larger buffer for high definition and the program was standard definition it was all in the buffer.

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