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    Currently I use the hr10-250 box, from out of the box. The box is activated however and works however for the DVR the box must be connected to the phoneline for the first time to activate it. THe problem being is there is no phone line in the house, it is a fraternity house. So what do i do? How do to activate the box. Can I purchase a usb to ethernet adapter and use it to activate the box or does it have to be phone line. ALso is there anyway directv can bypass the phone call.

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    You have to use a phone line for this. You can take the box somewhere that there is a phone line and a TV (no satellite connection needed) and have it make that first call. There is nothing DirecTV can do to bypass it for you. The only option I know of involves "hacking" the software to make it think it has called in. You can read about this in the Underground section of the forum.

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