HR10-250 and OTA question

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    Sorry if this has been asked. I tried to upgrade my dtv service to hidef but was unable to due to tree's. The main reason to get hidef if the the local football game. The questions I have is can I buy a hr20-250 (on ebay) and an OTA to just get the local cbs feed? Also, are there any issue with buying one on ebay?
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    The HR10-250 and the newer H20 HD DVRs have off-air tuners. You'll still need a subscription with DirecTV to record your local OTA channels.

    Buying an HR10-250 on eBay can be risky. Be sure to get the unit's "Receiver ID Number" from the seller and verify its status with DirecTV yourself. This protects you from equipment that has been stolen, or has an outstanding account balance, or other issues where DirecTV will not reactivate that equipment. A reputable seller will have no problems giving you that information.

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