how to watch Tivo recordings downloaded to PC, With Fast forward,etc

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by BigOldArt, Feb 17, 2018.

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    I purchased Tivo Desktop Plus a few years ago and recently used it for the first time to move a recording fro my Roamio to my PC.

    However, windows Media Player seems to only have <play> and <Pause>. Is there a free program to watch Tivo recordings on PCs that has controls like those on a Tivo? e.g. fast forward, fast forward at different speed, slow motion, back up, back up at different speed, etc.

    I tried converting to MP4. the video is about 1 tenth the size of the original but very indistinct.
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    When you have "Faster Transfer" enabled in Tivo Desktop, it will only download in TS format, not PS format. Everything TS will be in MPEG4 format while PS is MPEG2. However, if the show was recorded from a h.264 channel, you must use TS format. Usually this only happens with cable.

    You can decode .TiVo files with TivoDecode, which is included in KMTTG.
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    Will VLC work with Tivo files?
  5. lpwcomp

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    That is not true. While H.264/MPEG4 can only be downloaded in TS, an MPEG2 TiVo recording can be downloaded in TS and it will still be MPEG2, just in a TS container.
  6. dlfl

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    Not the last time I checked. You would have to remove the .tivo wrapper to expose the mpeg2 or h.264 (.mp4) file. VideoReDo can do that or tivodecode or tivolibre. kmttg does it with tivolibre, I think. Of course you can load the .Tivo file into VideoReDo and play it there.
  7. ThAbtO

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    KMTTG originally used TivoDecode, then TivoLibre was added.

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