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    Jan 4, 2012


    I recently bought 3 Tivo premiers to replace my Fios boxes.
    I haven't registered anything yet nor have I called Verizon.
    I plan on buying lifetime access for all 3 boxes.

    Where to start and step by step instruction to complete process would be helpful. Any pitfalls with Verizon to watch out for? Total time to completion in your experience and current cost for Verizon tuner cards ( I have heard various charges, no consistency).
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Number528

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    Oct 6, 2011
    I have two Tivo boxes. I ordered the CableCard for one online before they started charging for shipping, got it in ~3 days. Ordered the other one over the phone, stopped by my local Verizon store to pick it up to avoid the $10 shipping they wanted. It costs me $3.99 per month for each card.

    Setup and activation for both was easier than I was expecting. I plugged in the Tivo and went through Guided Setup before putting the card in. Once I put the card in I was able to go online at Verizon and activate them. The first one took about 5 minutes to become active, the second took 10-15. I couldn't see HD menus until I activated the card ( I forget if HD content was showing, I don't think so). Guide data from Tivo took a few days to populate.

    My Verizon DVRs allowed me to watch the content I had stored on them without them being connected to the network. There was no easy way to transfer Season Passes so I just made a paper list and set them back up on the Tivo. I got some duplicates (I usually do New only and the Tivo didn't know what was new for me) but that ended over time.

    I'm happy and would do it again.

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