How to increase recording capacity on your TiVo box

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    I have a Premier and decided to add storage that was in FULL compliance with Tivo's support HowTo. So, in an attempt to not be a nuisance i decided to RTFM before posting here.

    I read this
    Increase recording capacity

    Followed the link to the popup for Western Digital My Book AV DVR Expander

    Followed the link on the popup to Product Details

    Found two items for purchase there: MoCA POE Filter & TiVo Bridge

    Browsed all of Tivo shop & didn't find the device listed on the support page

    Searched & didn't find the device listed on the support page

    Posted this thread

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    This is a forum used by mostly Tivo users and not many Tivo customer service people.

    The DVR expander is no longer being produced and they only came as 500 GB and 1TB drives. Tivo users frown upon using this for expanding space as failure is more common.

    Most Tivo users recommend swapping out the internal drive for a much larger one because there are less of a chance for failure and shows recorded are on the single drive. Using the Expander, the shows gets stored with portions on both the internal and external drives, any failure would result in lost shows.

    While the expander only extends by as much as 1TB, Premiere can support as large as a 4TB for its internal drive alone. Look in Underground Forum for DVRBars and MFStools 3.2 to go this route.

    As for warranty issues, Tivo only provided 3 months for parts/labor/exchange. Over a year and there is no warranty, so swapping drives would void that warranty during the time.
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