How to hard reset an SD-H400?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by jkna, May 2, 2007.

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    jkna New Member

    May 2, 2007


    I've had a trusty Toshiba SD-H400 that has served me well for 3-4 years. I have basic free Tivo with it and it has been great.

    A couple of years back, it locked up and I found some formula online by using some sequence of remote control commands to do a "hard" worked like a charm!

    It has done again and before I retire my Tivo and buy a new one I want to try this again but I cannot find the sequence I used...does anyone know what this sequence might be.

    FYI, the "soft" reset where you just plug and unplug the unit does not work.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Best regards - Jim
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    gastrof Hubcaps r in fashion

    Oct 31, 2003
    Potato and pen.
    First, you may not need to retire your machine. Sounds to me like you MIGHT be a hard drive or software problem.

    I don't know the commands you need, but the drive can be replaced, a new TiVo software image having been put on it.

    You can buy the drives ready to go (including from the "Store" here on this website, or from Weaknees and one or two other places), or, if you're good with computers, you can put the image on a blank drive yourself...after GETTING an image, that is.
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    lafos Well-Known Member

    Nov 7, 2004
    Sioux Falls, SD
    If you have had your SD-H400 that long, then your hard drive is possibly bad. In the DVD/tivo forum, many were reporting disks dieing after a little more than two years. You can replace your drive as gastrof said. If you decide to buy a new disk and get an image, then dvrupgrade sells images for $20. Just make sure that the image is for the exact model, as they usually aren't interchangeable.
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    Broncowolf1 New Member

    Jan 25, 2007
    I'm in the same boat. It looks like both our units froze at the same time. I wonder if there was an update that night? Anyway, if you find out how to do that 'hard reset', let me know. I'd hate to lose this tivo and I'd rather not pay to fix it if I don't have to.
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    windracer joined the 10k club

    Jan 3, 2003
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    You might be thinking of a kickstart. Check out this page. I'm not sure if that's what you would consider a hard reset, but you can force a mfscheck on the drive, which might help).
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    skst New Member

    Jan 3, 2004
    Chicago, IL...
    That link is bad now. Is there another?
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    OLdDog Reformed Druid

    Dec 15, 2001
    The kickstart is simple enough. The options you want are either 57 or 58. While both do run the GSOD disk repair functions I have never heard of it actually fixing anything but it might get the drive going for a short while.

    Start by rebooting the TiVo either through the menus or by unplugging.

    While booting the power light will change from green to yellow as the line 'checkpanic' in the rc.sysinit gets executed. This happens a few seconds before the screen changes from the startup image to "almost there" and it's your cue to hold down a button (use pause) on the remote to trigger a panic. When the record light changes yellow, key in one of the following sequences:

    These are not generally useful.
    0 - emergency call to tivo, touchtone dialing
    1 - emergency call to tivo, pulse dialing
    9 - emergency call to tivo, touchtone w/ 9 prefix
    -- I suggest not doing any of these unless explicitly instructed

    52 - emergency reinstall
    -- this will act like you've received new software but will reinstall the existing software on the alternate root partition and boot it, particularly useful so you don't have to go trolling for backup images when your hacks fail.

    56 - software install

    These are the ones that are the most useful.
    57 - mfs check
    58 - perform mfs cleanup
    -- both of these will cause the green screen and various mfs checks
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    skst New Member

    Jan 3, 2004
    Chicago, IL...
    Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I tried the 57 kickstart, and it got to the Almost There screen. But then the GSOD appeared. (That's the one where it says there's a serious problem and it's going to take 3 hours to fix, right?) After 15(?) seconds, it seemed to reboot--it went back to the grey Welcome. Powering up... screen. Then the Almost There screen again. Then GSOD.

    I watched that happen three times and turned off my TV. Is it supposed to do that for 3 hours or does that mean the HD is truly hosed? Or something else?

    Should I try 58, 56, or 52?
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    OLdDog Reformed Druid

    Dec 15, 2001
    Reboots during the GSOD is fairly normal but not a good sign. It means that the TiVo is having trouble even temporally fixing the problems with the drive.

    More than likely your hard drive is failing and needs to be replaced.

    56 will not help, 52 might make a difference but not likely, and 58 is not more comprehensive than 57.

    The GSOD can take hours but longer than 4 is a very bad sign,

    I would go ahead and get Instantcake from or a new drive from the same source or

    I would not recommend trying to backup your failing drive.
  10. skst

    skst New Member

    Jan 3, 2004
    Chicago, IL...
    Thank you. I took advantage of WeaKnees's Daily Special and ordered a 300G replacement. I would've used InstantCake, but I don't have a spare drive, so it's almost a wash (and the replacement is easier).
  11. RoyK

    RoyK New Member

    Oct 22, 2004
    SW VA
    Either one is very easy. I've done one of my SD-H400's with weaknees and the other two with InstantCake. About 10 min job to swap drives. InstantCake takes a while longer including 'baking' the drive.

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