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    I thought I would put together this small how to on getting a Tivo in Canada now that they are offering the service in our country. Much of this information is available on different forums but I thought I might aggregate it to save new people some time.

    Perhaps a moderator might want to sticky this.

    Things you need to do to get a Tivo in Canada:

    1) find a friend in the US you can ship too.
    -alternately you could use a service like TSB shipping in Point Roberts ( They will forward your package for a fee.

    2) Call your credit card company and have them add the US address to your account as another billing address.

    3) Call Tivo and order. The 1-800 number is blocked to Canada however you can get them using a service like skype ( Or order online.

    4) As far as I know all series 2 Tivos work in Canada so choose whichever you want.

    5) I think the best way to go is purchase the one year subscription to get the instant $150 rebate. No extra paperwork required. Otherwise I have heard some people having trouble trying to mail in the rebate from Canada.

    Here are my total costs for a 40-hour series 2, the wired adapter to use my home network, and the 1 year subscription:

    Linksys Compact 10/100 USB Network 1 $29.99
    TiVo Series2 rev.4 DVR 40 hour (TCD 1 $49.99
    12-month TiVo Service Subscription 1 $155.40
    Total $235.38 US DOLLARS

    You may have to pay GST and duty when it crosses the border. I lucked out and did not get stopped. ItÂ’s the luck of the draw.

    6) The Tivo service works with most Canadian cable services (I know it works with Shaw and Telus including digital).

    7) You do not need a landline to setup the Tivo if you have a broadband connection at home and an adapter.

    P.S. If you have a Motorola DCT 2224 try to get your cable company to swap it for any other model. This is the only model that does not work great with the TIVO. It will work but your life will be much better if you can get another model. Shaw swapped my DCT2224 to a DCT 2540 for no charge.

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