How to configure Comodo firewall for TiVo?

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    Has anyone had to add rules or whatnot to get Comodo firewall to work with TiVoToGo? All the TiVo apps are allowed in the Application Monitor, but perhaps Comodo needs extra rules to open ports. Did you just have to create a dozen rules for every port listed at the TiVo customer service site? Did you just need a couple rules to get it working?

    Port list:

    EDIT: Perhaps someone will post an easier/cleaner way, but here is how I got it working for others who find this thread.

    Go to "Network Monitor", then click "Add", leave "Source IP"/"Destination IP"/"Source Port" defaulted (should be "Any"). For destination port select "A set of ports" and enter "37,2190,4430,7287,7288,8000,123,443" in the box. Click "OK", press "Move Up" to put new rule at the top of the list. Add another new rule, this time select "A port range" and for "Start Port" put 8080, for "End Port" put 8089. Click "OK" and move rule to top of the list. Go check your TiVo, that should have fixed it.

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