How To Change Amazon's Closed Captioning or Subtitle Default State

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  1. Jim E Mac Millan

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    Dec 17, 2016


    Okay I've pretty much read all the post on this subject and still I was left confused. Through a lot of trial and error I'm 100% certain that there is only one way to do this and here's the method...

    How To Turn OFF Amazon's Closed Captioning or Subtitle Default State...
    1. From your Tivo Roamio launch the Amazon Video app
    2. Select a Movie (not a TV show)
    3. Across the top look for this list...
      • Overview Customers Also Watched Cast More From IMDB Captions
    4. Highlight Captions and press Select
    5. Highlight Captions Off and press Select
    6. Now go back and watch any Movie or TV Show without Closed Captioning
    Now for the bad news. Every time that you turn on the Closed Captioning while watching a Movie or TV Show that becomes the default again. I tested this in every possible combination and found that to be case in every instance. In each scenario I've had to follow steps 1 - 6 above to change the default state to not show Closed Captions by default again.
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  2. Somboy

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    Nov 12, 2011
    This is useful information, but I have a different problem. I wanted to watch a movie in a foreign language, but the subtitles were very small. Is there any way to change their size?
  3. ej42137

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    Feb 15, 2014
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    While watching your show, press Select, press Select again if it says "Turn Captions On", then press Down so that one of the font sizes is selected, use Right to choose a font size and press Select to activate it. Use Up so that Close is illuminated and then press Select.

    This may only work for Amazon closed captions and not for subtitles embedded in the movie. Those may not be modifiable.
  4. gweempose

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    Northbrook, IL
    Thanks you so much! This has been driving my wife and I crazy for months.

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