how to bypass direc for reg Tivo

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    Jan 8, 2006


    I have a directv with tivo in 3 rooms. I have also bought a tivo brand and service to experiment with their service because of Tivo internet and Tivo to go. How do I bypass Directv Tivo to try this new box? Do I have to call Directv and cancel for that room first?

    Thanks, Dan
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    Huh? I'm not sure I understand your question.

    DirecTV DVR service and Tivo service are totally independent of one another .... DirecTV provides their DVR services, while Tivo provides the service for standalone Tivos. So you can't really "bypass" the DirecTV/Tivo and swap it with your new standalone Tivo. You'll have to activate the new Tivo with Tivo, then contact DirecTV if you want to deactivate the DirecTV DVR. Realize, however, that your standalone Tivo will need a standalone DirecTV Receiver as a tuner .... it won't be able to control channel changes on a DirecTV DVR.
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    Unless he wants to experiment with local OTA or cable as the source to a standalone TiVo.
    Or heaven forbid, Dish Network. :)

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