How much record time/unused gigabytes are left on my DirecTIVO unit?

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  1. pgs92109

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    Nov 8, 2003


    Is there any way to find this out, like you can with the "My Computer/C:/properties" command on a PC?

    I have tons of shows on a Weaknees modified HDTV HR-10/250 unit that has two 500GB hard drives in it and it would take forever to add up all the times for the individual shows. Is there any other way to find out how much record time I have left? :)
  2. JimSpence

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    Sep 19, 2001
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    There's no direct way. However, many use Suggestions as a guide. Since suggestions are the first to be deleted, just add up the hours of suggestions recorded and that will tell you how many hours are available for normal recordings.

    With that much storage, why worry about it?
  3. coachO

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    Nov 25, 2004
    That has to be 120 hours of HD, maybe just add up the HD programs. The zipper hack tells you the space available but that may not be an option for you.

    My HR10s seem to require at least and annual clear and delete so you might want to think about that with all the shows you have.
  4. AVPhan

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    Oct 20, 2004
    I set to have ER on TNT to record (all, delete when space needed) and watch the number of show count.
  5. cstelter

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    Mar 17, 2002
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    I've read that there is a hack that can revela that information, however, I've always been at a loss as to how that info would be useful to me. I would love it if I could have an indicator that says 'your Yelllow ! shows will probably start deleting on xx/xx/xxxx'. And another indicator 'Warning, N shows normally recorded will not record beginning on xx/xx/xxx because of low disk space'. Those would be really useful indicators to see.

    I *can* get this info and it really is good that I can, but it's not as easy as it should be. Once a week or so I check my to do list-- primarily I view recording history and look forward for shows I care about showing 'not recorded'. That's a problem that means disk space is low.

    Any show I *really* want to watch is green dotted and shows I hope to watch I try to set keep until out at least a week. If they go yellow with a ! in them and I still hope to watch them, I extend the date. If it tells me that other shows will be deleted early to do that, then that's a problem that means disk space is low.

    But the TiVo should be able to know a best guess at when those yellow !'s will start disappearing. If I could see that, then I'd be able to save myself the bother of keeping them out a week.
  6. newsposter

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    Aug 18, 2002
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    an old general write up of mine for someone else...may apply to those who look at the thread for space issues

    from now on, if you have your now playing list sorted by date, at
    the bottom of that list will be suggestions. (if you dont know already,
    you can use the advance key to go right to the bottom of the list on
    the HD tivo but not on any other machine i think). They will have a
    black icon next to them. If you sort by alpha, they will be mixed in so I
    prefer to keep the list by date.

    if you go to 'pick progams to record' and hit suggestions, it will show
    you all that will be recorded, providing you dont have anything
    yourself recording. They will never override your recording. This doesn't
    matter but if you are curious you can check what it will record. I never
    look at it really.

    it will take a few days to 'fill up' but what will happen is at the
    bottom of your NP list, you will have all the suggestions. there are 8
    programs per page listed. However keep in mind when you scroll, the last
    one becomes the first one on the next page. I ignore this fact for the
    most part. So, what I do is, for every page of suggestions, I assume I
    have room for 1- 1 hr hi def program or 8 -1 hr standard def programs.
    This is by NO means perfect, but it's a great approximation.

    The reason it isn't perfect is because if tivo isnt recording any
    suggestions at the moment, or if it isn't scheduled to after you have just
    deleted some shows, it may take time to 'build up' to a 'full' tivo, if
    you know what I mean.

    Also, if any of the suggestion are in hi def, each one of those is
    equivalent to a 'regular' page of suggestions, if you know what I mean.
    For example if you have one page of suggestions (8 items) and there are 2
    1 hr programs in hi def, you 'really' have 16 hours of SD recording
    available in those 2 hi def suggestions.

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