How much can I get for my Humax DVD writer 40 HR

Discussion in 'DVD TiVo Units (Archive)' started by dc6211410, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. dc6211410

    dc6211410 New Member

    Jan 5, 2012
    I was going to recycle my Humax DVD writer 40 HR because I bought a Premiere and the DVD part doesn't work. The TIVO rep told me I might consider selling it because there is a big following for them. Where would i sell it and how much do they go for? I have the option of adding lifetime service for $99. Would that add alot of value to it?
  2. iceturkee

    iceturkee Member

    May 26, 2005
    i don't think the lifetime would hurt and would add value. sorry i can't answer the other questions.
  3. Arcady

    Arcady Stargate Fan

    Oct 14, 2004
    They sell for less than $100 (if they sell) with lifetime on eBay. It is not worth paying $99 to sell it for less than that. The only ones getting more than $100 have upgraded hard drives in them. Without lifetime and a stock hard drive (and a broken DVD drive), you can expect to get about $5-15 on eBay unless you get really lucky.

    If you don't want to trash it, list it on craigslist or freecycle and let someone pick it up for free.
  4. sushikitten

    sushikitten TCF Club

    Jan 27, 2005
    Good to know. I have a Humax with Lifetime and working DVD that we've contemplated selling.

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