How long until system upgrade?

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    So did it pull it down over the dish, or phone line? I realize you may not know, but normally if it comes over the phone line, it would have tied it up for at least couple+ hours.

    I'm having an issue trying to get a couple SII units upgraded from 6.2a, so that's why I'm asking...
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    Can't tell.

    For several days I did the daily call myself. It was always about 60 seconds every day I did it manually. However, I knew I was going to do a drive upgrade again pretty soon, so I stopped paying attention about 3 or 4 days ago. So if it did a big download overnight, I wouldn't have noticed.

    Before my last reboot, I did check the information panel and specifically did not see "pending restart" or anything like that. I don't know that that phrase is used any more. I was planning on forcing a daily call after the drive switch, but that wasn't necessary.

    If I had to guess, I'd guess it came down the sat, but I have no evidence for one or the other.

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    I have 6.2 on my Phillips Series 2. I just connected the phone line for the first time in over a year and did the call in. It did not upgrade the software. Do we know if 6.4 is still in the stream? If I call D* can they force a download? Thanks?
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    I have (2) HR10-250's and 2 Phillips 6000's. How do I know I need a software update to the latest? I am thinking about moving the HR10-250's to rooms where there are no phone lines connected and want to do the upgrade before the move. Help me out with the $20 Cake upgrade....what do you mean, how do I get it, what does it do? Thanks
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