How is a Tuning Adapter installed?

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    I got a letter from Charter that said I need a tuning adapter for both of my HD Tivos. I made the appointment and the Charter technician arrived on Saturday.

    I had printed off the "How to install a Tuning Adapter for switched digital video" from Tivo's web site. When the Charter technician arrived I asked him if he had installed tuning adapters for Tivo before and he said that he had so I figured he didn't need the installation instructions.

    I think he installed the adapters wrong. He disconnected the coax cable from my Tivo. He then connected a splitter to the coax cable. He then connected one coax from the splitter to my Tivo and the other to the Tuning Adapter. He connected the USB cable to my Tivo and the TA.

    I don't think that is correct. He should have ran the coax to the TA and then another coax from the TA to the Tivo. Isn't that the correct way to do it?
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    The way the Charter tech installed is the way I installed mine (when I had one). However, the splitter I had was a multimedia drop amp that amplified the signal, and not degrade the signal like other splitters do.
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    That isn't the normal way but it can work that way and some people actually prefer that way. Is this a Cisco or Motorola TA? The Cisco TA (when hooked up the "normal" way) actually boosts the signal (to the TiVo) slightly, while the Motorola reduces it slightly. Thus the "best" way depends on what the original signal level was relative to what's optimum for the TiVo, which is specific to each cable drop.

    Another consideration is that the TA needs to send signals back into the cable. If the splitter attenuates these signals too much, that is a problem relative to a direct connection without the splitter.

    So there are some if's and's and but's about it. Obviously you can change it to the "normal" configuration and see which way works best.
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    Thats how mine is installed to. SDV was going to start oct 15 for me but the ta is still blinking. I hope it works

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