How I Met Your Mother 2/13/2012 *spoilers*

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by YCantAngieRead, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. photoshopgrl

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    Nov 22, 2008
    Boring Ohio


    Okay that makes more sense. :)
  2. Steveknj

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    Mar 10, 2003
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    Having lived on LI and in NJ, I can say, you're so totally not!!!

    It was just bad stereotype period. Think someone in Kansas knows the difference between LI and NJ stereotypes? To them, we are just those obnoxious East Coasters. :D
  3. Steveknj

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    Mar 10, 2003
    New Jersey
    Finally got to this last night (shows you how low on my priority list this has gotten). To me, the ONLY reason to still watch the show is to find out who the mother is. Otherwise it's become a repetitive bore. As I said in the last thread, I really think they've run out of ideas. How many almost marriages and breakups can they have on one show? Also I kind of fell asleep midway through this episode and woke up JUST past where Robin breaks up with Kevin. What happened? He kept asking her to marry him and she kept coming up with reasons why he shouldn't then the next thing I knew, she said Kevin "took back his proposal". Is that really what happened?

    I kind of like that Barney didn't recognize the girl as a stripper. First of all, if he had known, his attitude toward her would have been totally different. Second, it accentuates one of his character flaws, that he really doesn't see women as anything more than a conquest. Not that we haven't been beat over the head with that concept, but I kind of like when Barney is challenged by a smart woman. It will be interesting to see what happens when he finds out.

    the drunk train was just dumb.
  4. Amnesia

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    She told him that not only could she not have children herself, she also didn't want kids---not adopted or anything. Kevin immediately proposed again, but she made him stop to think about what it would mean for him to give up his dream of being a parent and think about how he would feel 10 years down the road.
    I thought it was interesting that the girl said how talented Barney was---during the whole EPS thing, I kept wondering what his excuse would have been when he got the woman home and she realized that he couldn't really run the three-legged-race all by himself...
  5. rondotcom

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    I always like to see a stripper with big tips.
  6. scooterboy

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    Mar 27, 2001
    Glad to help! :)

    It's especially handy when you only have a minute or two left to watch and you get interrupted. If you hit the left arrow at that point, it asks you if you want to delete the show. At this point you can hit Replay, Pause, and then hit the left arrow. It will never ask you if you want to delete if you have the show paused.
  7. 2004raptor

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    Dec 30, 2005
    I just went and watched it online. I thought it was OK. No where near as bad as others have suggested IMO. Although I don't like the Ted/Robin angle, anything is better than the other guy. Can't stand to even hear him talk much less look at him.
  8. JLucPicard

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    Watched this last night finally. I'm with Angie -this just more or less bores the crap out of me now and I really find little if any of it funny anymore - maybe because it seems like almost anything they do now they've done three or four times already over the seasons.

    If it wasn't for the fact that Ted apparently is supposed to be the father to the mother that we are learning how he met, I would prefer he met with a terribly tragic accident and they all need to move on from there.

    Probably just hanging on for the reveal of the mother since I've invested all these years in it now, but it definitely gets an "I'll watch it when I get to it" slot in my viewing schedule - and I'm watching an awful lot of other stuff lately!

    And for what it's worth, I'll second the mention of the DirecTV DVR - just push the rewind button at the 'delete prompt' and it will back up. No need to start over and FF through the whole thing.
  9. YCantAngieRead

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    Nov 5, 2003
    Yeah. I continue to watch because I have nothing else on at that time and I've invested all of these years.

    But it's more like "oh, I should watch that." Not "Hey! I get to watch that!"
  10. mattack

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    Apr 9, 2001
    Have people posted about the newspaper articles about the show recently?

    Here's one:

    and there's another one I swear I read over the weekend, but I can't find it online..
    (I seem to find snippets, but can't find the exact article I read.)
  11. Amnesia

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    Jan 30, 2005
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    Looks like she can't be around too much longer; she has been cast as one of the leads in a new Fox show The Goodwin Games...
  12. DevdogAZ

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    Apr 16, 2003
    If the show doesn't get ordered to series, it won't matter. And if the producers of HIMYM have any intention of her being a long-term love interest for Barney, they'd have a first position contract with her, and her contract for the FOX pilot would be second position.

    However, I doubt anyone would cast a lead for a pilot with a second-position actor, so we can probably infer that the HIMYM producers don't have a first position contract on her and that she's not going to be revealed as Barney's bride when the wedding episode finally airs.
  13. ronsch

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    Sep 7, 2001
    I agree with many others who thought this episode was a definite cut above the dreck this show has become.

    Granted if they try to start up the Ted/Robin thing again - more dreck, but I am intrigued by the Barney/Stripper story line.

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