How does TiVo online support work?

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    I don't really have much experience with opening cases with TiVo support because I haven't needed to.

    This week, I have opened two cases via email. In both cases, the cases were escalated to L2.

    So, initially the page at showed the Status of these cases as "Escalated to L2".

    The next day, I received an email with the following text in it:

    Going to the website I found that the status had changed to "Waiting for Customer". Clicking into it, I don't find any comments.

    There is no indication that anything has been addressed as the issues remain.

    All there is is an empty "Add an Update" text box.

    So, I'm stumped. What should I be expecting as far as the life cycle of a support ticket? Should I just keep waiting?

    I'm not quite sure what to make of it... Thanks in advance for any tips on how this is supposed to work.
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    It doesn't work. If they can't solve it by throwing some KB article at you then they mark it "Waiting for Customer" and hope you forget about it then after a few days it automatically closes with "Resolved" status. The only way to hope to get things solved is to call in. Or just keep updating your status to mess with them so it's not "Waiting on customer" and check the require a response button. This probably will never get your issue solved but is sort of a passive-aggressive way of telling them they suck at online support.

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