How do you set up a tuning adapter with Spectrum, and WHY?

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    Oct 5, 2019
    The tech told me that in his two years installing, this was his 4th TiVo related service call. The way I understand it is they work in teams. For anyone arranging an install, see if you can leave a note or remark for your tech when making an appointment. Not sure if they can change installers, but you should give them a heads up to arrive early in the appointment or see if they can connect with a team member that is more familiar.

    My stores didn't carry either the card or TA. The tech told me there is a warehouse locally, and they carry a couple of cards, and NO TAs there if they are bad. Sounds like each market is different.

    I wouldn't call it the silver channels, more like the secondary channels, its the SDV channels. FXX was one that didn't work for me, (that's on the lowest tier), but FX did. HBO main worked, but the rest of the HBOs didn't. Same with showtime. Then there was a sports channel that wasn't working, (cbs sports, or FS1, I don't recall).

    I learned that Spectrum support has a "TiVo department". Not sure if its the cablecard section or not. The tech got bounced around three times, then they said they were the Tivo department. I would try just asking for that in the future, and see if they will transfer you to that. After they thought they completed their end, Spectrum then transferred the tech and I to Tivo. Not sure if it was the main number or not though.

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    I’ve had good luck once I got through the automated system to an actual person to simply say I need to get a CABLE CARD paired. Last two times the person immediately knew what I meant and said she would transfer me to them. Once transferred, they knew exactly what to do. A couple of years ago, I did have I slight glitch on the call when she asked for the data id. I had to tell her I had a Cisco TA and the data id is only needed for Motorola TAs.
    I have been having some issues with one of my TAs. I have it on a timer to reboot once a week. It crapped out a couple of times just hours after a reboot. Then when I manually pulled the plug and replugged the light became solid as usual after a few minutes. But I didn’t get the pop up message that the TA was connected and SDV channels were still not working. Then in a couple of more minutes, I got the message and all was well. It hasn’t behaved that way previously.
  3. My Cape is a Recliner

    My Cape is a Recliner Member

    Oct 5, 2019
    I have been reading some really odd things about the TA. About how they need to reboot, or power off every once in a while. How the signal needs to be resent about once a month. Kind of how (at least) my smartphone and tablet suggests I restart them once a week. I have no plans to turn it off. I want to ride it out and see what happens first.

    I do have to give Spectrum credit though. This is the third time they have been out to my house. The first time the previous owners cut the coaxials they weren't using, and my connections needed to be redone for my initial spectrum setup. The second time was when the cable card was not pairing. This now the third time. The last two times had to do with third party equipment. They have not charged me for any service calls. They charge $10 for a self-install kit, and as long as its not something that the average person should have figured out from their instructions, (if its something a tech would need to do for the average person), then they don't fault you and won't charge you for the call/trip/work. The first and third time I called later in the afternoon they came out the next day. The second time, they were out IIRC 40 minutes later. The first and third time, a tech was out here for several hours too.

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