How do I skip "Guided Setup"?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Ben321, Aug 7, 2011.

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    Aug 7, 2011


    I got a used "Tivo Series 2 DT" at Goodwill and it was configured for "cable without a box" I tried everything I could to change it to "cable with a box". After following all kinds of guides it still kept on using the "cable without a box" setting. My last ditch effort involved running guided setup but then came the part with phone or network activation (a step that I didn't anticipate would be in the "Guided Setup"), and BOOM I realized I can't complete it because I'm not subscribed to the TV service (and I'm not about to either pay for it either, because I wanted it for the purpose of storing any video such as camcorder video to a DVR, which is why I bought a used one in the first place so I didn't have to pay full price for the device) so even if I had a connection it wouldn't work. I immediately forced off the power by pulling the plug, but after restart it STILL came back to the "Guided setup" screen. Aparantly the last person to own it had left their subscription info in the machine before donating it to Goodwill, and by selecting the option to run "Guided Setup" I just wiped out their subscription info, so now it's FORCING me to do this all over again.

    My question is, is there any "debug mode" using "special remote-control key combinations" or other hacks that don't involve installing hackware directly to the TIVO harddrive? All I want to do is skip the Guided Setup step and go directly to the TIVO menu like I could after I bought it from Goodwill. I mean the previous owner even had some recordings still on the device such as the cartoon Tom & Jerry, that I could actually play. But now I'm locked out of the device completely until I can find a simple way to skip the Guided Setup and NOT have to complete it, and instead just get back to the main menu so I can start watching the recordings left behind by the previous owner. Any help here? You know like secret backdoor codes, debug mode, manufacturer codes, etc that I can put in by remote control, stuff that Tivo employees might not just make available as "public knowledge"?
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    No. The TiVo will not function without service. The only TiVos that will are either units with lifetime service or Series I TiVos manufactured before December 2000, IIRC. Attempting to casue anything other than one of these function without a service plan constitutes theft of service.
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    There is no way to leave GS when it has been triggered (without system hacking at least).

    You can however go through guided setup without an active subscription (you still need to connect to a phone or network connection though), but at the end will have the service status TiVo has on record. Unless it came with Product Lifetime, you can only buffer Live TV and watch existing recordings, unless you wish to subscribe to the TiVo service.

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