How do I know the kickstart code worked?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Brian Kendig, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Brian Kendig

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    Nov 25, 2007


    I have a Series 2 TiVo (not DirecTV) that, on power-up, displays the "Welcome! Powering up..." screen and stays there forever.

    I suspect a bad drive. I tried using the kickstart code: when I plug in the TiVo a green light appears on the front of it; I hold down my remote's Pause button until two yellow lights appear; then I enter 54 (Hard Drive Test) on my remote's keypad and one of the lights turns back to green and the other stays yellow.

    But the TiVo remains stuck on "Welcome! Powering up..." I've also tried code 57 (Media File System check) after rebooting, and the behavior is the same.

    Do the green/yellow lights mean it's accepted my code? Why would it not be rebooting and proceeding with the test?
  2. dlfl

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    Jul 6, 2006
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    KS procedures have displays such as menus and graphs. Sticking at the Welcome screen is a typical symptom of a hard drive failure. With a Series 2, (due to its age) the possibility of power supply failure also exists.
  3. Brian Kendig

    Brian Kendig New Member

    Nov 25, 2007
    Thank you for the tip! I hooked the hard drive up to a computer and it shows up as a zero-gigabyte drive, so, definitely looks like the drive is dead. I ordered a new one from, so I should be all set!
  4. ss_sea_ya

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    Sep 2, 2010
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    A windows PC won't recognize the drive.

    Download a windows application form It can look at some of the drive's basic data tivo structure, and even create a backup for you. As you read on that website, booting the drive can (not always) corrupt the drive. But fortunately, the winmfs software has a repair utility for it.

    You can also run the manufacture diagnostics on it.
  5. shwru980r

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    Jun 22, 2008


    You probably could have bought another used Series 2 with lifetime service for what you would pay for a hard drive from weaknees.

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