How could this be possible??

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by raiden256, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. raiden256

    raiden256 Member

    Mar 30, 2002


    Ok, so we had a birthday party for my two year old tonight, and the LSU/UK game was on the TivoHD. My good fried and I are sitting there watching. He has owned a TiVo for like 4 years now.

    After a couple times of me hitting the repeat button to replay a game he leans over to me and asks how I keep making it skip back a certain number of seconds.

    Did you catch the part where I said he has had a TiVo for 4 years? I was dumbfounded! Absolutely could not believe that he had never found this feature, which I think is one of the best parts about the whole thing.

    It gets better.

    So I'm so freaked out by this that I have to go get my other friend who has had his TiVo for the past three years, just to make fun of the first friend. Turns out, HE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT EITHER!!

    Is the sky falling? Am I in the Twilight Zone or something? Doesn't *everyone* know about this???
  2. Seattle

    Seattle Active Member

    Dec 13, 2001
    Seattle, WA USA
    I bought a TiVo for my uncle and he had for at least a year and did not know about it (I told him about it).
  3. ufo4sale

    ufo4sale Well-Known Member

    Apr 21, 2001
    Gilbert Arizona
    I would say that you are out of your mind. There is no way in the world you have a remote for 3-4 years and not even know what all the buttons do. That just nuts. :eek:
  4. lessd

    lessd Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2005
    How many people know that the TiVo icon on the front of the Humax DVD TiVo is a TiVo button ? There are many features TiVo has that a lot of TiVo user do not know about.
  5. dylanemcgregor

    dylanemcgregor Well-Known Member TCF Club

    Jan 31, 2003
    Corner of...


    Doh! Got me on that one. Had my Humax for 3 or 4 years now and this was news to me. I had to walk over and actually push it before I believed you. ;)
  6. wmcbrine

    wmcbrine Well-Known Mumbler

    Aug 2, 2003
    So many people are just incurious. Where you or I would get the remote, look at the buttons, wonder, "What will this do?", and try it out (not to mention, read the manual), they look at it and think "I don't know what that does, so I'd better not press it; I might break something." I don't understand that kind of thinking, but I see it everywhere.

    Still, Instant Replay is something that's always been in Tivo's ads, so I'm surprised they're missing out on that.
  7. JimSpence

    JimSpence Just hangin'

    Sep 19, 2001
    Binghamton, NY
    I guess there are a lot of people who think the manual is just packing material. :)
  8. dre_dbldbl

    dre_dbldbl New Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    San Francisco
    I wonder how more freaked out he'll get when he discovers the 30-second skip hack.... you did program the remote for that, no?
  9. Ruth

    Ruth Well-Known Member

    Jul 31, 2001
    He must have felt like it was Christmas morning when you explained it to him! That is one of my absolute favorite TiVo features. I use it constantly and it would be hard to live without.
  10. HiDefGator

    HiDefGator New Member

    Oct 12, 2004
    there is a large grouo of people that are afraid they wil break somethng if they just start pressing buttons. they tend to stick to the ones they know.
  11. RonDawg

    RonDawg Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2006
    For some people, as long as the technology does what they expected it to do, they may not go further to see what it CAN do.
  12. dwit

    dwit Active Member

    May 4, 2004
    Atlanta, GA
    I've had my first Tivo for 3.5 years and even though I was well aware of the repeat button, I only really started using it the last year or so.

    Same for the 30 second skip hack on the remote.

    And only in the last 3 weeks or so I found out the remote hack to show the little time of day and elapsed time meters on the bottom of the screen.

    At the same time, I've recently begun using a "feature" I've never seen described.

    Is skipping to the nearest and next 15 minute marker(forward or backward), during playback, described anywhere?

    Edit to answer own question.

    Uh, yeah.

    "...You can also jump ahead or back in 15-minute increments, making getting through halftime a little easier...."
  13. Bierboy

    Bierboy Seasoned gas passer

    Jun 12, 2004
    Fishers, IN
    But that's undocumented, so it would be no surprise if someone isn't aware of that.
  14. ZeoTiVo

    ZeoTiVo I can't explain

    Jan 2, 2004
    this forum is NOT full of your typical TiVo user.
  15. jamesbobo

    jamesbobo with a grain of salt

    Jun 18, 2000
    Back in the year 2000, when you hit the pause button the green bar would just stay there. It wasn't isn't in the manual, but hitting the cancel button got rid of it. I figured it wouldn't hurt if I tried.
    Recently I got the Comcast DVR. When you hit pause the bar just sits there. This makes reading the vanity card at the end of Two and a Half Men difficult. There is no cancel button on the Comcast remote, but there is an exit button and I tried that. It works!
  16. wolflord11

    wolflord11 Lord of Darkness

    Jan 16, 2007
    Yes, some of us do not really care about all the features a remote has. As long as it does the basics, and what we want it to do, then who really cares......

    Its abit like this: Maybe some people should start pulling apart their Car for example apart, down to each and every nut and bolt, then re-assemble it..... that way you would know exactly what each part is, and how it all works......

    Some of us do have a life away from the remote :D
  17. windracer

    windracer joined the 10k club

    Jan 3, 2003
    St. Pete, FL
    I've been pressing that damn Window button on my S2 peanut for years and still haven't figured out what that one does. :D :rolleyes:
  18. ufo4sale

    ufo4sale Well-Known Member

    Apr 21, 2001
    Gilbert Arizona
    lol. :)
    Maybe I over exaggerated a bit but if all they want to do is record shows then why spend more money to get a TiVo in the first place? TiVo does more then what you expect, thats why people buy them.

    DCIFRTHS Active Member

    Jan 6, 2000
    New York
    I have been using TiVo for a few years now. I know the "Instant Replay" button is there, but I rarely use it - less than five times in all my TiVo filled years :eek:

    I couldn't even tell you why I don't use it. I am constantly using the REW button to replay scenes where I have missed some of the dialog. I'll have to retrain my thumb... :)
  20. Arcady

    Arcady Stargate Fan

    Oct 14, 2004
    It toggles Panel/Zoom/Full modes on the Series3/THD... :)

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