How can I download/transfer recordings?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by HCoachC, Apr 30, 2018.

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    Apr 30, 2018


    Hello -- New member with and OLD TiVO.

    I have an old (12 years!) TiVO box - series 2.

    Is there an internal drive of some sort--if so, I have a few old newscasts recorded that I would like to download and keep. Can you direct me to instructions on how this is done?
  2. Mikeguy

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    Jul 28, 2005
    Congrats on the 12-year-old Series 2 box--I have one as well, still working with the original equipment. :)

    Yes, there is an internal hard drive in your Series 2.

    An easiest way to download and save your shows: assuming that your Series 2 is connected to a home network, copy the shows over your network to your PC (which also needs to be on your network), via freeware software pyTivo Desktop installed on your PC (program and download link below). pyTivo Desktop is very easy to install (just a few minutes) and, once started and up and running, will list the shows that are on your TiVo box, which then can be selected to download to your PC (a copy--the original remains on your TiVo box). pyTivo Desktop also can be used to copy shows from your PC to your Series 2 TiVo box. Note that this only will work with non-copyright-protected shows. (Over-the-air broadcasts are not copyright protected; cable shows may be.)

    There are a few settings that you may have questions about--if so, just ask here or in the pyTivo Desktop thread here (link provided below). A few pyTivo settings matters, to help:

    -- When you run pyTivo Desktop, the program starts up and makes a connection to your TiVo box, but the program's user interface itself doesn't open up. To open the UI, right-click the pyTivo Desktop icon in your PC system tray and select Open. (In essence, pyTivo Desktop has two parts, the UI and the program engine. And so, when you want to shut pyTivo Desktop down, you likewise need to close both halves, using the system tray option for the underlying engine.)

    -- You will need your TiVo box MAK (media access key) when you first set up pyTivo Desktop, entered under the program's first Settings tab, if not when you first install the program. (Your PC files location also is located on that tab and can be entered/changed there.) The MAK is available on your TiVo box under Settings or in your online TiVo account (I believe).

    -- There are 2 different download/upload protocols that you can use to transfer files under pyTivo Desktop, PS and TS (selected under the 1st tab of pyTivo Desktop's Settings). IMHO, it can be best to use the PS protocol, if that will work for your files--while transfers may take longer, they can be less error-prone.

    -- Finally, note that downloaded TiVo files may not automatically be playable on a PC video player, due to how TiVo packages the files and whether the video player has the needed codec to access the files--however, if you select and set the "decrypt" option under pyTivo Desktop's 1st Settings tab, the program will "unlock" the files to a common format in the copying process, so that they can be played on most video players without more. (You also can download a codec for your video player so that the TiVo files do not need to be decrypted--there is discussion of this in the pyTivo Desktop thread, and elsewhere here in the forum. But probably easiest just to decrypt the files, especially if you don't have a lot.)

    Hope this helps--just ask, if there are questions. Once you have the system and pyTivo Desktop set up (which is quick and easy, even if there's some less common tech. there for some users), it works well. :)

    pyTivo Desktop

    Easier to use pyTivo

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    SF Bay Area
    The important thing is that the Tivo box must have Tivo service in order to be able to copy those shows. I hope you have lifetime on it, or already still subscribed, but if there is no subscription, you are out of luck as Tivo stopped activating subs for them.

    You can then, try as described in above post.

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