House....10/3/11 Dr. House in prison

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  1. Hunter Green

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    It is a spoiler, though it'd be hard to have avoided this particular one if you are in the world, and it doesn't really ruin anything since you find it out in the first five seconds anyway, but it is a spoiler. And there's no reason for it, and no reason not to follow the standard thread titling rule either.
  2. eddyj

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    Actually, it ended with him somewhere else (a beach?). They even mention that he had left the country fleeing the authorities after the car incident. So for all we know, he could have been practicing medicine in some tropical island.
  3. betts4

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    But wasn't it hinted at in all the commercials promoting the new season? I can't remember but thought there was something.

    That said, the episode title should have been used.
  4. omnibus

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    Absolutely, there were teasers on the fox network that we saw several times. They clearly showed his conflicts in prison.

    Couldn't remember the show title if we saw it.
  5. Church AV Guy

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    I agree, the episode title "Twenty Vicodin" should have been used, but as far as spoilers go, this one was pretty benign. It really didn't "spoil" anything since the information was revealed in the opening seconds of the show. There was absolutely no suspense. House being in prison was the opening premise of the show.

    But, yes, according to the rules, the thread title should have read "Twenty Vicodin" rather than "Dr. House in prison."
  6. wmcbrine

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    Aug 2, 2003
    As of the end of this episode... they did. If you saw something different in the previews, well, that's a spoiler. ;)

    It would be interesting if he actually went off to become a physicist like he said. Then again, I might be the only one who thought so. :D Contrast what the prison doctor said here, about that plan being "cold" and isolated from humanity, with what the John Laroquette character asked in an earlier episode -- "A smart guy like you, why not go into research?"
  7. LiveBlues

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    I thought that this episode was kind of lame. I hope that it doesn't set the bar for the rest of the season.

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