Hooking up DTV/Tivo combo with tv, vcr and dvd?

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by johncdbass, Oct 6, 2007.

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    Hi I am having trouble correctly hooking up my dtv/tivo(hughes) unit with the tv, a vcr and a dvd player. The dtv/tivo unit has two cables that come from the satellite. The reason I ask is I am having the color fade in and out quite frequently now. I was told this might be a svideo cable and I looked and I have 2 svideo cables attached and multiple-red/white/yellow cables attached to all four pieces. So I think your supposed to use either the svideo or the cables but not both. So I would like to start from scratch and forget the svideo cables(because they might be the problem) and just straight install using the cable. Thanks for the help, John
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    I'm afraid you haven't given us much to work with. Tell us what, exactly, you are trying to do.

    What, for example, does your DVD player have to do with your DVR?

    Basically, I would say that your DVR has two sets of outputs.

    Send one set to your TV. Send the other set to the VCR so that you can record from the DVR.

    Hook the VCR up to a second set of inputs on your TV.

    Hook the DVD player up to a third set of inputs on your TV.

    But, beyond that, you haven' really given us enough information.
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    Wrong. You can connect all of the video outputs at the same time with no issues. I have mine connected to two different TVs and a DVD recorder. No isues at all.

    If you mean the RF connection when you say "using the cable", then that is the worst connection available. In the order from best to worst: HDMI/DVI (digital and should look identical), component video (only slightly worse that a digital connection), s-video, composite video, RF (channel 3/4).

    Dtremain has done his best with the information given. My only additions - Have you tried a new s-video cable to see if that is the problem? Have you connected the DirecTivo to another TV via S-video to see if the problem lies with the TV?


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