HIMYM - Bass Player Wanted, OAD 12/16/2013

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by jeff92k7, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. jeff92k7

    jeff92k7 Annoyed with trolls

    Jan 18, 2006
    on planet earth


    Hmm.. Nice to see Marshall with the mother. Didn't care much for the lead singer story though.

    There was clearly some forced emotion with the whole "Robin doesn't want Lily to move to Rome because she'll lose her best friend."

    I am curious how Ted decides not to move to Chicago now. If he meets the Mother on the train platform on Sunday night, and is scheduled to move to Chicago on Monday, I just don't see how he can change his mind that fast.
  2. LifeIsABeach

    LifeIsABeach Active Member

    Feb 28, 2001
    Drexel Hill, PA
    He told Robin he loved her the first night. Wouldn't be totally out of character for Ted.

    I like when they reference past episodes (Marshall vs The Machines, Marshall & Lily saying, "Pause", etc).
  3. pmyers

    pmyers Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2001
    Gilbert, AZ
    I enjoyed the devil guys storyline.
  4. JLucPicard

    JLucPicard Active Member

    Jul 8, 2004
    West St....
    I thought that was another of the side trips they take that just ruins things for me. I wasn't really amused by it at all. But to be fair, I've been pretty blah about this show for a couple of seasons now and am just riding it out for some reason. I guess I'm hoping for a feel good ending or something?
  5. refried

    refried Member

    Dec 21, 2005
    Brunswick, ME


    I found it more enjoyable than the last episode. Finally some screen time for the Mother.
  6. DevdogAZ

    DevdogAZ Give 'em Hell, Devils

    Apr 16, 2003
    Well, if Bays and Thomas weren't being so obtuse about the title of the show, we could see what happens later that night, and the next morning, and then next week, next month, etc. Instead, I suspect we're going to see Ted "meet" The Mother on the Farhampton train platform in the last 5 minutes of the finale, and that will be that.

    Having said that, I liked this episode. Marshall's interaction with The Mother was great. The lead singer story was silly, but it was just a plot device to get the conflict between Lily/Robin and Ted/Barney out in the open, so that was good. And the best part about the episode is Marshall is now back and the rest of the season can be the whole gang together rather than that ridiculous joke of a story with Marshall and Sherri Shepherd.
  7. Supfreak26

    Supfreak26 Go Cowboys!

    Dec 12, 2003
    McKinney, TX
    <Barney> Have you met Ted? <\Barney>
  8. cheerdude

    cheerdude Reed &amp;amp;amp; Juliet's CPA

    Feb 27, 2001
    Las Vegas, NV
    Thought it was a very good episode -- probably one of the better ones this season.

    My guess on the last episode... either during the reception or just as it ends, Ted gets a call -- offer has been rescinded. He wonders what he going to do with his life now... and then he meets her at the train station. "And that kids... is how I met your mother"
  9. Steveknj

    Steveknj Lost in New Joisey TCF Club

    Mar 10, 2003
    New Jersey
    I think they will cop out and show one of those flash forward scenes which explains why he didn't go. Either he's talking to the mother in the future and he says something like "I'm glad I decided to go home with you instead of getting on plane to Chicago" or some such thing. There's been enough plot devices with this series that I'm sure they will explain it somehow, and I think before the finale.
  10. Hunter Green

    Hunter Green Curmudgeon

    Feb 22, 2002
    You win.
  11. Idearat

    Idearat Active Member

    Nov 26, 2000
    I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what other show the guy who played the lead singer was from. Eventually realized he was from The New Normal, he played one of the dads.
  12. busyba

    busyba The Funcooker

    Feb 5, 2003
    He was also Elder Price in the original Broadway cast of The Book of Mormon.
  13. busyba

    busyba The Funcooker

    Feb 5, 2003
    btw, we've admittedly seen very little of the mother so far, but her being so easily cowed by the guy in her band seemed to me to be out of character for her.
  14. Hunter Green

    Hunter Green Curmudgeon

    Feb 22, 2002
    Yeah, it doesn't seem to jive with, for instance, her insistence on calling Ted on his slow driving, or her advice to Lily on the train ride. But until we know her better, it's still possible. (Sadly, it seems that we're never going to know her better.)
  15. madscientist

    madscientist Deregistered Snoozer

    Nov 12, 2003
    Lexington, MA
    Loved how the mother was wearing driving gloves.
  16. alpacaboy

    alpacaboy Well-Known Member

    Oct 29, 2004
    I think I agree with half of that - I think Ted meeting the mother will be in the last 5 minutes.

    But it sounds like you're saying that would mean we don't get to see them interact, and I don't agree with that. From the title, everything is building up to the meeting being the finale. But it's a non-linear show with flashbacks and flash forwards, and we've already seen Ted propose to her. So I think there's a possibility we could see more post-meeting interaction.
  17. DevdogAZ

    DevdogAZ Give 'em Hell, Devils

    Apr 16, 2003
    We'll certainly see more post-meeting interaction as the season progresses. No question. But it will just be little snippets here and there rather than the chance to see how her courtship with Ted progresses, see how she interacts with the gang, see how Ted reacts when they hit their first rough patch, etc.
  18. JYoung

    JYoung Series 3

    Jan 16, 2002
    Los Angeles
    Oh that's easy to predict though.
    He'll just up and move to Chicago.
  19. Mr. Soze

    Mr. Soze Back by popular demand

    Nov 1, 2002
    The 75006...
    Doesn't it take him two years to propose to the mother though? (if I am correctly remembering the lighthouse scene timing)

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