Heroes Cancelled?

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by Barmat, Dec 2, 2009.

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    Barmat Member

    Jun 1, 2001
    Livermore CA
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    MickeS Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Sounds like speculation. But I would be amazed if it gets another season.
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    Rob Helmerichs

    Rob Helmerichs I am Groot! TCF Club

    Oct 17, 2000
    There was a rumor a few weeks ago that the producers had been told to wrap it up for good by the end of the season.
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    jschuur TV-holic, improving

    Nov 27, 2002
    London, UK
    I think if a long(ish) running show doesn't get renewed after the end of the season like this, it's not really 'canceled' per se. If the show gets to do a satisfactory ending, it's simply 'not renewed' in my book.

    Dollhouse on the other hand... canceled.
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    sooperkool New Member

    Mar 18, 2009


    Good riddance if so.
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    Martyp Just a Daddyman

    Jan 6, 2004
    sf bay area
    Wow can't say I would miss it . After season 2 I just lost the need to watch it every week have more then a few on the dvr to watch

    I hate to say the same with lost . Here the problem is too long between shows and then not enough new ones to make it worth it
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    Peter000 Well-Known Member TCF Club

    Apr 15, 2002
    Red Wing, MN
    Though I think this season is the best it's been since the first, and I've been enjoying it, I won't miss it at all. I don't like the pacing of the show at all... it just feels draggy most of the time.
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    Kablemodem Get the ketchup.

    May 26, 2001
    Isn't NBC shutting down production of all scripted programming and showing infomercials during prime time?
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    Rob Helmerichs

    Rob Helmerichs I am Groot! TCF Club

    Oct 17, 2000
    Dollhouse was not renewed...they ordered a certain number of episodes, aired all those episodes (at least it looks like they will!), and didn't order any more. It's pretty rare these days for a show to be literally canceled; they usually have shorter orders, and make and air all the episodes. The exceptions tend to be cases like Defying Gravity or Pushing Daisies, where the entire order is filled but the last few only appear on the DVD. For a show to actually be canceled in the fullest sense of stopping production in mid-order is extremely unusual these days. I can't think of a recent example, but I'm pretty sure there's been one or two that are slipping my mind.

    "Canceled," unfortunately, like so many words, has broadened from its literal meaning into something somewhat more vague and thus somewhat less useful.
  10. betts4

    betts4 I am Spartacus!

    Dec 26, 2005
    A Galaxy...
    If I remember correctly, Lost from season one said there would only be five seasons. I am sorry they had so much time between seasons and will be sorry it is gone.

    Heroes I haven't really watched since the middle of season two.

    My question is why is Smallville still on? They should be married and having kids now. Oh, unless they have done that and I just don't know because I don't watch.
  11. cheesesteak

    cheesesteak Meh. TCF Club

    Jul 24, 2003
    15 mins...
    They spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time with Sylar.
  12. NatasNJ

    NatasNJ Bone marrow lover!

    Jan 7, 2002
    So glad I dumped this season into the delete bucket. Last 2 seasons had such little payoff I bailed. Looks like I wasn't the only one.

    Sad to see a show that had such a good first season (barring the finale) get so bad.
  13. wmcbrine

    wmcbrine Well-Known Mumbler

    Aug 2, 2003
    Pushing Daisies all aired, AFAIK. (?) Defying Gravity all aired in Canada.
  14. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    Aug 7, 2003
    We still keep up with it weekly...and I sort of like the new Carnival spin this season, but yes there is WAY to much Sylar crap and it's time to kill that storyline off completely.
  15. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    Aug 7, 2003
    Yeah if you Google "Dollhouse cancelled" it pretty much is the norm term used for it's ending.


  16. emandbri

    emandbri TV junkie!

    Jul 5, 2004
    St. Louis MO
    First season was SOOOOOO good and then they just didn't know what they were doing.
  17. Steveknj

    Steveknj Lost in New Joisey TCF Club

    Mar 10, 2003
    New Jersey
    To me (and I'm no TV insider) the words cancelled and "not renewed" are interchangable. To me it simply means a show that is in a current run that will no longer be shown because of a network decision. I think we are splitting hairs by splitting these two terms up, and it probably ONLY means something to the network and or producers. It's one of my pet peeves around here that people constantly have to harp on this difference.
  18. Steveknj

    Steveknj Lost in New Joisey TCF Club

    Mar 10, 2003
    New Jersey
    Agreed. This is my biggest problem with this show. BTW, I thought this season might be the best season outside of the first. They seemed to get away from introducing too many characters and focused mostly on the core characters, with the exception of "teabag" from Prison Break. But, in the first season it was "must see" if it goes now, I won't miss it.
  19. Rob Helmerichs

    Rob Helmerichs I am Groot! TCF Club

    Oct 17, 2000
    The problem when words merge is that we lose the ability to easily distinguish between concepts. It's one of my pet peeves around here when people constantly have to ignore this difference.

    But I suppose eventually we'll reach the point where we have one noun, one verb, one adjective, and one adverb. True, nobody will be able to communicate any more, but at least we won't have to think about what we mean. :D
  20. BrandonRe

    BrandonRe Well-Known Member

    Jul 14, 2006
    Baton Rouge, LA
    They knew what they wanted to do, but NBC wouldn't let them. They wanted to have a new set of characters for the second season. NBC thought it was too risky. So they had to change their strategy mid-stream. The results were lacking. Seems pretty simple to me if your NBC- you have a team who produced a hit show for you, trust them. Don't handicap them with arbitrary restrictions about the direction of the show.

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