Helpful? info from my FIOS/CableCard install on TivoHD

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    I thought I would mention a few quirks that happened to me that would have sped up the CableCard install had I known about them ahead of time.

    1) Two of the CableCards we tried never popped up the grayscale screen that gives pairing info. When I navigated manually to the pairing screen it had all zeros for the CableCard, Host, and Data values and never updated them after more than 15 minutes of waiting. Popping them out and in after that time did nothing, they never worked. Might as well just put those back in the installers pocket if you get that happening to you.

    2) One of the CableCards had already been used in someone else's TV so they said that they "knew this one was good." The pairing screen did pop up automatically, and it had valid looking data in the CableCard Host, and Data fields, but that's all that worked. Well, it never worked in mine. It never received any of the initialize or activate hits that they were sending apparently. We never saw the 161-4 errors and never got the SUBSCRIBED message on the Conditional Access screens. It seems like if they think that they sent the hit and the Conditional Access screen doesn't update you might as well take that card out and put it back in the pocket too instead of messing with it for hours.

    3) The one that we got to work did pop up the pairing info, then he added it to my account with his laptop, we saw the 161-4 error and verified that it said SUBSCRIBED on the Conditional Access screen. The test channel didn't work right away, though. I never saw an "Acquiring Channels" message, but the Test Channel function initially did say some message about how it didn't have any channels. We tried Test Channel a few times and eventually saw a picture.

    4) After getting the picture on that CableCard the Tivo started hollering for me to run Guided Setup. I did it, but Guided Setup broke the whole thing, and required a reboot to fix it. It got to the point in Guided Setup where it tunes to channel 48 and asks what you see. All I saw was a black screen, but I knew from the channel listing that it was supposed to be the TV Guide channel, so I answered affirmatively to the question it was asking. From that point on after Guided Setup finished nothing would work. Live TV just gave the error drum sound, and every channel tuned in to a blank black screen. Rebooting fixed the problem (10 minutes later). Is it possible that Guided Setup wants to use the analog version of the channels which isn't available once you have the CableCard installed or something? Anyway, that was a big red herring that something had gone wrong, when it was actually working after the reboot.

    5) On the Conditional Access screen I never get anything that says "Valid" in the validation field. It says Unknown and didn't change even though I can get all of the channels I am supposed to get. I didn't subscribe to any of the premium or extra pay packages, so maybe that's the reason why? Anyway, I thought that Unknown was a bad result and made the installer call back in to check it out and eventually we gave up and rebooted. After the reboot was when it started working in number 4 above.

    The installer will come today after work with 4 more cards to see if we can get tuner 2 up and operating tonight.

    Hope this helps someone else who might be searching on their computer upstairs for why their install isn't working with a frustrated FIOS guy downstairs at 8pm who's wife keeps calling him on the cell asking when he is coming home.

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