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    Apr 21, 2021


    I recently switch to TiVo service through Mediacom. When I did, Mediacom’s internet service which I already had became very unstable. Finally, after numerous service calls, I installed fiber-optic internet service. When I called Mediacom to cancel my internet they told me I could not have TiVo without their internet service.

    Their only option besides changing to their non-TiVo DVR was they said I could purchase my own TiVo equipment which I’m willing to do.

    My broadband provider tells me that TiVo and their fiber-optic gigabit service is no compatible with any TiVo equipment I might purchase.

    Are they all telling me the truth?
  2. Teeps

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    Aug 16, 2001
    Not sure what you are asking.
    Internet is internet... tivo does not care who or how it is provided.
    Midiacom on the other hand does supply a cable card and possibly a tuning adapter, that tivo needs to operate.
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    Nov 25, 2003
    Before going too far down this path, just be aware that a retail TiVo box won't have access to Mediacom's on-demand content. (I'm assuming that this is a feature available via their leased TiVo-based boxes.)

    As for the suggested setup working...

    Echoing @Teeps, devices on the home network don't care and don't know how the Internet link is provided. You'll just need to get the new retail TiVo boxes networked once the new Internet service is set up, and then configured and paired with CableCARDs supplied by Mediacom (and a tuning adapter per DVR, if required).

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