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    Jan 23, 2006


    I searched the forum for this particular problem but didn't find a concise answer, I also checked over at avs forum but to no avail.

    For the last year I recieved all my OTA HD channels via the Tivo perfectly. I have a terk 3x4 mulitiswitch that my large attic atenna runs into. Downstairs the line is split using a diplexer then going into the tivo. About a week ago my OTA channels started pixelating to the point only half a show would record.

    Heres what I've done so far...

    replaced diplexer at HD Tivo location
    adjusted antenna location per antennaweb
    bypassed terk 3x4 and diplexed only the one line I use
    got a 20db antennuator
    used a different antenna

    After I used the antennuator I got all of the locals in the soild 80-90 range with the exception of CBS which is on frequency 39. With this one channel in a 5 second span it will bounce from 80% to 10% to 70%. This is with the antennuator installed and running from 0db to 20 db reduction.

    There has been no new buildings put up in a four mile radius. My zip code is 73034.

    Thanks for any suggestions of other ideas I could try.
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    Feb 10, 2005
    Strange you should ask. I just had much the same problem with just one local (ABC). After help from ebonovic on this forum, I found it was just when that local was using tuner 2 (this is an hr10-250, btw).

    I called the D* CSR line in IDAHO and a VERY nice young lady almost immediately got a tech on a conference call and he verified it might be my receiver. The young lady said that, although I didn't have the D* protection plan for $7.99/mo she could add one to my account (covers BOTH my receivers, dish etc) and she would waive the usual 30 day waiting period. That way they could send me a replacement receiver right away. Now this was Friday evening. She said 2 business day Fedex shipment; be he on Tues. or Wed. I am having my morning coffee this Monday A.M about 9:30AM and the doorbell rings. It is Fedex with my new receiver and a paid for return shipping label.

    I installed the new receiver and after actvation and verifying I had even stronger signal than before and all was fine, I called the Fedex return pone provided by D*. The Fedex CSR asked what time THIS evening thay could pick it up! About an hour later they were here and gone.

    Now, is that service or what?

    I said before I was reluctant to give out hte Idaho D* number because I am afraid they will get swamped with calls from people tired of talking to someone in the Phillipines or India and change the number, like they did for the retention group,

    But, here it is: 1-800-739-4388. That bunch KNOWS what they are doing!

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